Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enjoying Mercury Retrograde?

For me, one of the most incredible parts of astrology is seeing it in action. I tell my students and friends that astrology is great for understanding the people and situations around us. Take, for example, Mercury retrograde. This current Mercury retrograde has been a pain in the ass. 

Even people who don't normally follow astrology become concerned when Mercury goes into retrograde. They might not know or understand anything else about astrology but they definitely get more agitated. 

As an aside, I find it funny that people who don't even believe in astrology wonder how Mercury will affect their lives. It's like when I read tarot cards at 13 Magickal Moons of Occoquan, VA (yes...I'm their biggest fan! What's it to you? :) ) and people are afraid to come into the shop or touch anything in it because they might CATCH THE WITCH or something. But they're willing to sit down with...ahem...a Witch (the pentacle should be a big giveaway!) who hardly knows anything about you and let him tell your future. Somehow, everything else around you is BIZARRE? Yeah, right. You're just not ready to accept it all yet. But I digress. 

This Mercury retrograde has been bitchy for many reasons. Here are just a few of the bizarre, Mercury-related happenings:

  • I have been getting more traffic on this blog--THANK YOU!!--and I haven't posted for nearly a month. 
  • People in my life have either been talking too little or too much. I have been trying to contact people who have dropped off the face of the planet since the retrograde began, but I've also had to tell people to talk less. There's just no happy medium right now. 
  • I've pulled the Magician tarot card--who represents Mercury--twice in my daily tarot readings in the past few weeks and he's come up a lot more for my clients. 
  • I ran out of business cards, an important communication medium, and had to order more because of an upcoming conference. Hopefully this won't come back to bite me in the ass; just watch and half the words will be cut off. [To Mercury: THAT IS NOT A REQUEST!]
  • I almost did a major Mac operating system upgrade that had failed miserably before. Luckily I did a quick tarot reading--there should have never even been a question of my doing it, folks, if I'm following my own counsel--and it told me in no uncertain terms to let it go (The Hanged Man) and just walk away.

To top it all off, this is the SECOND time I posted this blog! It was up earlier today and everything was fine until I decided to add "astrology" as a category. Blogger DELETED THE WHOLE POST!! I was so irritated, but not surprised. 

[PS: If anyone got an email copy of that post, please email it to me at and I will thank you profusely, and then re-post it here. I wasn't smart enough to keep a copy during Mercury retrograde. Who's the fool now??]

How have you been doing with this retrograde? Anything happen? Put a comment at the bottom and let me know--assuming Blogger doesn't decide to go all Mercury retrograde and delete this one, too--how you've been faring. 


  1. Good Morning, John.
    I don't know if it has anything to do with Mercury Retrograde or just PMS, but I definitely want a reset button this morning. I burnt my Kale, Caper, and Parmesan Omelet this morning, which had quite the pungent smell. Hubby has a super sensitive sniffer, so that put him in a foul mood. (The pan is ruined, btw.) Determined not to waste the food, I carried it in here to the computer to eat it anyway, and proceeded to catch the edge of the plate on the computer table and spill the whole damn thing on myself & the carpet. *Sigh.
    Thinking of trading in my coffee for wine this morning.

    1. Hi Sarah...I totally understand what you mean! Glad you didn't trip over a piece of electronic gear and break it or something. Tomorrow morning will be better! :)

    2. After wrote on your blog:
      Packing up the house today for moving and broke a glass. Moved the fridge and there was something dead up in the compressor (a snake I think - no wonder no matter how much I bleached it never smelled good!) Dropped a dresser drawer on my foot, fell against a piece of metal and cut my hand. Went to dinner w/ friends and knocked my red wine over and all over my friend. What a day! Sure hope tomorrow is better cuz hubby and I are towing a 25' cargo trailer out to Stafford! :-)

  2. I have only one thing to say about this Mercury Retrograde.

    WHEN will it be over???

  3. P.S. Did you check the Drafts folder in your posting section? Sometimes Blogger auto-saves while you write. Fingers crossed!