Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome to Sagittarius, The Ultimate Seeker

A joyous—but brief—birthday shout to all of the Sagittarian folks on their birthdays! Some of my good friends are Archers, and they definitely know how to have a good time. Hopefully you can keep up with them, because they are always on the move. You ever wonder why Sagittarius is represented as the centaur archer? They are quick, off like a shot and always aiming for truth.

Sagittarius rules astrology’s 9th house, which rules higher learning of all kinds-education, training, etc.—and anything that involves a long-term voyage of the mind or body. Perhaps like, oh, I don't know...someone going back to a city in France they haven't visited for 21 years. :)

Foreign languages and cultures, as well as spiritual journeys or pilgrimages, philosophy, belief systems, and ethics are also ruled by Sag. In the tarot, while the Fire (Wands, Rods, etc.) Court Cards can represent Sag people, Temperance also represents the sign of the Archer as well.

One of the most misunderstood tarot cards, Temperance represents the Sag personality perfectly. While “balance” often comes up in our readings when this card appears, one meaning is often overlooked is that of “combination”. Sagittarians know how to do many things well (my brother is a paramedic, computer expert, and liturgical vocalist!) and combine seemingly different approaches to be successful. While they might lack the persistence of Scorpio, they can be much more inventive and resourceful because of their more “moderate” natures. I’m sure you’re starting to see what I’m talking about now.

The Archers in our lives love to have fun, but they are also some of the most brutally honest people you’d ever meet. And while they don’t walk around typically dispensing the wisdom of the ages, they are aware that life is too short and it’s time to cut loose. And it makes perfect sense. We’ve just come out of Scorpio sun as we try to make sense of the constant evolution that our lives are taking, and while that process is important, it’s very SERIOUS business. Our Archer friends are good at saying, “Time enough for that later. Lighten up!”

I was very surprised by a conversation I had with my Sag brother, who, by his own admission, is not very good at returning phone calls. Out of the blue, he called me on my birthday last year. He said that he was sorry he didn’t call more often and realizes he’s got to remember what is truly important. I was surprised at this admission, but as I thought about it later, I reminded myself that Archers are always on a search--a search for truth.  

Feeling stuck in a rut? Take a page out of the Archer’s book and try looking at life from a different angle. Not having much fun in life right now? Lighten up a little and realize how short life is. At this time of year, when lots of people focus on their pain and suffering, ask yourself: What can I do to lighten my load and enjoy life just a little more? And how can I help others do that?

Also, please check out my review of "How to Believe in a Sagittarius", a book I highly recommend!

Please accept my warmest wishes for a safe, happy, and, above all, FUN holiday season, filled with wonder, peace and a little spiritual enlightenment. Blessed be!

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