Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Search of Lost Time: My First Astrological Profile, Part Deux

So profiling the men was a little more challenging. Whenever you do a study, you like to have a decent-sized population to work with. In this case, I didn’t have many at all; that fall there were 8 or 9 men, and only three of us stayed the whole year.

With that said, the results were overwhelmingly clear: Fire sign men dominated this class, and while I can’t remember the exact amount over 50% of the males at the Institute that fall were either Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

This makes sense; fire signs do tend to be more adventurous, and so more of them would have been likely to choose to study abroad. I actually have a picture of me surrounded by three of my male classmates, one of each of the fire signs. It’s in my FB album for Nantes if you want to check it out.

I was the only water sign male in that class, and I don’t recall any others in the spring class, so I think I was the lone one for the year. I acted like a typical Scorp over there, wanting to be with people but enjoying my time alone. I had a few meltdowns myself, but I didn’t let anyone see them; my journal is my only witness, and it’s not talking. But it was definitely good to see my growth over the course of the year.

Being the only water sign guy there was a pretty awesome thing for me, astrologically speaking. I tried to help anyone who asked, and just generally be a good listener, which had its advantages. It made getting to know people a lot easier.

I was surprised that there wasn’t more romance between students over there. I wasn’t deliberately trying to pry into other people’s business but my ears were always open and I didn’t miss much. With all of these fire sign guys you would have thought they would have been making the rounds.

One of my close female friends from Nantes, a Taurus, dated one of the Sag men in our class. I had an intuitive feeling it wasn’t going to end well. Now granted…that was likely more intuitive than astrological; I didn’t have either of their charts and wasn’t capable of interpreting one at that time anyway. But I felt like it was a recipe for disaster. He did the typical Sag thing—his interest waned and he rode off into the sunset after some other girl. He didn’t mean it maliciously, I’m sure, but my friend was pretty upset about it.

Second semester, my Sag friend Siskel showed up, and the two of us were practically inseparable. We had some fantastic times together. There are very few people who are better on trips than Sag; they love an adventure. I wish I had been able to travel around Europe with him. What’s really bizarre is that I haven’t seen him in 21 years, either, and I’m going to Nantes before I’m going to visit him in Oregon. That’s sad. But I will definitely keep him in mind during this trip.

So there you have it. There was an astrology store less than a block from the Institute when I left, and it’s still there, although it has changed buildings. I plan to grab some French books on astrology so I can converse about it more comfortably.

Tune in tomorrow for my final pre-France entry! A très bientôt!

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