Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturn vs. Neptune: Unhappy Returns

Dear Neptune,

I have read with consternation John’s recent blog posts, and to be honest, I’m concerned that he’s become less affected by my influence overall.

There aren’t that many “Saturnian” activities that he’s involved in these days. Most of them involve planets that are much less important in his astrological chart than I am, or so I thought.  He’s doing a lot of creative work with you; he just finished a rough draft of a novel, for example. I’m not sure I see the point of that; it is FICTION, after all, which is fine if people want to enjoy themselves but isn’t truly serious.

Let’s talk about that for a moment. I was disappointed that I was seen as an interloper! It was all Jupiter, a planet who, by his own admission, is around for a good time. John didn’t take ME along on vacation. He had the occasional Saturn-ruled event, like that diligent, hardworking security guard that was helping John understand the rules in the hypermarket. It’s almost like John resented what the man was trying to do, which I just don’t understand.  

I was gratified when he got back to his routine life. We always like things that are comfortable, and once John settled back into his home life I was happier. It was so much more predictable. Now in France, John had a list of things he wanted to see, but there was no ORDER to it. If he felt like doing something, he did it. He didn’t plan it out so he knew exactly what he’d be visiting on a given day.  It would have been a lot more efficient for him to plan it perfectly to make the most of the time there. But no…it was Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter! I’m sick of seeing that planet’s name all over John’s blog, dammit! And don’t even get me started on the fact that John didn’t even FINISH the whole list!

And you didn’t really help, either. John made a couple of visits to a tiki bar, and had wine while he was there, too. During his last trip to Nantes, he almost never drank. I’m not sure if you can really call that an “enhancement”. John’s also doing a lot of work with pictures and video from his recent trip, and he’s producing a trailer for his film about his recent trip to France. That’s clearly your domain.
Now that I think about it, there is only one planet that really didn’t have much of a role during this trip, and it was ME. After 41+ years of conservatively guiding him forward, he’s rejecting me, and that’s very painful.

He’s going to need me when he starts editing his nonfiction tarot book; you can be sure of that. But I must admit that I’m not feeling very diligent about helping him out.

I’m feeling uncomfortable enough right now that asking you for help seems like the right thing to do. I don’t suppose you have any suggestions, Great Deceiver?

Yours Truly,