Saturday, March 23, 2013

A to Z Challenge 2013: Challenge Accepted!

How can a Scorpio turn down a challenge like this? I can't...and I won't. So I'm putting you all on notice right now that I'm doing the A to Z Challenge for 2013. IT'S ON!

For this of you unfamiliar with this challenge, it's pretty simple: 26 letters, 26 blogs. All in April. One blog per letter of the alphabet. You get Sundays off.

I didn't think I could do it last year and I surprised myself. Now I know I can. Fellow bloggers, I'm calling you out now...who is going to do it with me?

If you do National Novel Writing Month, you can absolutely do this.

The time for excuses, fellow bloggers, has passed. And it's time to get on board with the A to Z Challenge. You can choose not to be a part of it, but there's no way I'll pass up this one. Consider the gauntlet thrown in your faces.

To make sure there's no ambiguity as to who I'm calling out, the blogs are below:

When I signed up here, I was blog #1175. There are nearly 1300 bloggers doing this challenge now and you've got until 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 1 to sign up. 

Take a page from the Aries book and JUST DO IT. That is all. Twobrows out. ;)

See you soon...on April 1 if not before. :)


  1. It's on like Donkey Kong!! ;) ~The Good Twin

  2. Awesome! I look forward to reading your offerings!!