Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Fuckery: Checking In

Hello good people...Mercury retrograde has once again snuck up on us. That two-faced bastard is up to his usual tricks. We haven't even hit the actual retrograde yet; we've got over a week until it's retrograde station and things are already starting to go into the shitter. 

So far, I've had some interesting occurrences:

  • A work meeting was scheduled, but the boss didn't actually return the building where the meeting was occurring until a half hour after its start time. So the meeting was postponed, or so we thought until we were told five minutes later that the meeting was on. So a number of us trooped back to the room only to find out ten minutes later that we had wasted our time yet again because the boss didn't have time for us. This meeting was rescheduled for today, but was pushed off again until early next week since there were very few members around to attend it. 
  • Scheduled plans with a friend fell through because Mercury had his way with the friend's computer and it just wouldn't start again today. Luckily, intuitively I knew those plans were going to fall through...but still. 
  • A class I attended had half of the attendees and those who missed didn't tell anyone they were no longer coming. 

As always, let me know how you're doing. I had a trip back to MA scheduled in a few weeks and with all of this Mercury-related bullshit I'm kind of glad it was cancelled. 

Hang in there. It may be a long, painful ride this time. 

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  1. apparently bein a Gemini works in my favor in chaos because my life ha been on the upswing all week! lolol