Thursday, October 9, 2014

State of the Art Astrology Conference--Coming Soon!

State of the Art, better known as SOTA, is...well, why don't I let the organizer, Donna Van Toen, tell you. Take it away, Donna!

"STATE OF THE ART (“SOTA”) is an astrology conference geared to intermediate, advanced, and professional astrologers. As the title implies, its function is to illustrate the state of the art/discipline of astrology by featuring popular speakers and hot topics that exemplify leading-edge thought and techniques. We are unique in North America in that SOTA presents a mix of one-hour, two-hour, and three-hour speakers as well as all-day pre- and post-conference workshops."

This conference will be significant for a number of reasons. It's my first astrology conference ever. When it comes to astrology, I'm definitely a newbie in this crowd. But I'm hoping to pick up lots of interesting information from the presenters, especially my mentor Elizabeth Hazel.

It's also my first presentation at a metaphysical conference of any kind. Now while I'm still new to astrology, SOTA's having an "Open Forum" this year, where people like me who are experts at other metaphysical disciplines get a chance to speak in a 45-minute block. I was fortunate enough to get a speaking slot. 

My topic is tarot; more specifically, I'm doing a presentation called, "Are you a Tarot Misfortune Teller?" This is a topic that I've talked about before in blogs but it will be the first time it's presented to a live audience. I just can't wait to go.

SOTA is held in Niagara Falls, NY, and it's part "business" and part "vacation" for Jen and I, since we've never been up that way before. So you can expect lots of pictures from both sides of the falls, since we'll be going into Canada often during our stay.

A number of my close friends are coming to join us, but even if you're not attending the conference you can join in the fun through Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter: #sota14 or @sotaastrology

I'll be sending along the occasional update from the conference. Likely I'll be spending so much time getting to know new people, soaking up the lectures, or staring at the Falls that I won't have time to blog, but my Twitter (@JohnMaraniTarot) should be pretty active!

I've already started planning what to pack and what I'm going to say during my presentation. Mercury will actually stationary at the time that I'm speaking so hopefully we can avoid any Merc retro nastiness.

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