Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Very Special Shout Out...from Saturn?

Dear Jen,

John's asked me to send along a very special greeting to you on the occasion of your 16th wedding anniversary.

Let me start off first with an apology. If I offended you with any past remarks about the fact that you're not a Capricorn woman, I am sincerely sorry. And please believe me when I say I am very sorry; the Sun kicked my ass for my remarks. What I should have said was that the fact that you also have Capricorn rising in your chart makes my heart...well, it makes me...sorry, I'm not good with this emotional stuff. Let me say you have made me very proud to count you as one of my own, blessed with good sense and fiscal responsibility--at least until you go into one of those shoe warehouses. Then all bets are off. But under most circumstances you're financially rock solid. And I get a little shiver every time you get a royalty check from your book "Magick Charm"; it totally warms my heart. I hope that last sentence didn't come off as too mercenary.

Also, thanks for putting up with my influence over John for all these years. Saturn-ruled people get better with time, and after 16 years all of the work you have put in countering my various influences--working too much, relaxing too little, not saying a word, and worrying about the future--I'd say it's starting pay off. He is loosening up slowly but surely, and your persistence is a credit to the amount of love and respect you have for John.

Finally, you know I love titles. John has plenty of them, and he's working on one--"author"--as we speak with Neptune's help. And yet of all the titles John has, the one he is the most proud of is HUSBAND. That's a title that John takes very seriously. I'm a big fan of committed people, so it's safe to say I'm wishing you and John every blessing and happiness that the world has to offer.

I look forward to reading your future literary offerings, and once again take this opportunity to wish you well on this your 16th anniversary.

Very truly yours,


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