Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturn Returns!

Dear Neptune,

As much as I hate to admit it, you were right about my being able to return. I'm back in John's life, and while I won't say he's his "old self again"--I suspect that you had something to do with it but as I have no proof I won't embarrass him with accusations--I'm thrilled to return.

John's still as reliable and responsible as ever, but something is changed. He seems a little more confident about many things, especially about writing and being creative. The jury is still out on whether or not that is a positive turn of events, but since I was "on vacation", as you like to say "I take no responsibility for it."

Creativity is still an abstract concept to me, but I will admit he got a whole lot of writing done, especially out in Oklahoma City. I was so proud of him for putting his time to good use, even if he tried to have a good time when he wasn't typing. I felt like I was coming back even then because he was so disciplined. But I remembered the Sun's warning and I wasn't fully back until the Equinox. A promise is a promise.

You talked about me helping to edit the book when it was done, but you didn't tell me just how much I was going to be needed. John hit a small snag: The software he used to write the book on his iPhone put an extra space between each LETTER of the document he typed out there! So John tried some "creative" solutions that didn't work, but the bottom line is he'll be re-typing about 40 pages worth of the book into his document at home on his computer. You won't need to come back and help for this; you've already done more than enough. But he made his goal to write the book, and that's what you wanted, right? This creativity thing can be awfully messy; you neglected to mention that a few months back.

John has started teaching Witchcraft 101 for the Tradition of the Witches Circle as well since we last spoke, so he'll be using my discipline to make the formatting changes to the manuscript in addition to all his other duties. His calendar is full and that is when I am happiest, so in a sense you are leaving me to do what I do best and make order out of this chaos. I will decide to thank you or not in a few weeks.

Before I forget, just so you're aware John's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and it's a big one. He's going to be 40. Rights of passage are pretty important and humans make a big to-do out of 40. But I hope no one calls him "over the hill"; everybody uses that phrase incorrectly! My transit is 29 1/2 years and I return to the place of a person's birth near their 30th birthday. Every time I come back around the person is "over the hill", so it can happen more than once. Anyway, John was "over the hill" 10 years ago, and he'll be going over the hill again at 60.

I think that's all from here for now. I'm sure you'll pop by again soon without an appointment expecting me to drop what I'm doing. While I know you will likely ignore standard courtesy, I hope you will call first.

Very truly yours,


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