Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Cursed Ship?

Yeah, you read that correctly. I've been asked to give my professional metaphysical opinion on the scenario, which involves the USS Cowpens, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser currently in service for the US Navy. Quite a number believe that she is "cursed" because her last two captains have been dismissed.

My friend, military blogger Susan Katz Keating, has more of the story if you're interested in reading it. The comments on the story itself are worth it. Take a look here.

 Let's start simply. Do curses exist? Absolutely! And people use them, but most of the time it is done unintentionally. When a couple argues, for example, they might curse each other without even realizing it. Magicaklly speaking, you use curses, hexes, and other forms of "grey" magick at your own peril. You gain the karmic repercussions of anything you do magickally that deliberately harms another person, which is why using a curse is dangerous. You need to decide just how badly you want to harm someone else. Are you willing to accept the backlash the Universe will undoubtedly throw your way? You would need to think carefully about this before working any mojo; this is not a decision that is made lightly.

Now let's move to the matter at hand, the USS Cowpens, or as some call her, "The Mighty Moo". Could an entire ship be cursed? My answer is no. There is no metaphysical meaning to these events, in my humble opinion, which have occurred in the mundane (non-magickal) world. Leadership changes are common, and sometimes these changes are positive and sometimes they're not.

 We need to be exceptionally careful not to ascribe a metaphysical meaning to everything that happens. While I understand and appreciate astrology, for example, and am incredibly passionate about it, I'm not going to assume an event did or did not happen for an astrological reason. It may be that the stars influenced the course of events, but in the end, it comes down to decisions made or not made by humans in the mundane world.

I'd say that a whole combination of events caused the angst on the Cowpens, but I have no evidence that any of it stems from a metaphysical or magickal source.

Many of my own clients talk about being cursed, and to be perfectly honest, folks, that's a cop-out. It's so easy to say "I got fired because I'm cursed!" instead of taking responsibility and saying, "I got fired and I'm angry about it, but I was lazy at work, called my boss a fucktard more than once, took three-hour lunches and drank on the job, so I probably deserved it." You aren't cursed for all eternity, doomed to an existence of standing by the side of a road holding a going out of business sale sign. You just screwed up. And believing that you are cursed will only prolong the run of bad luck you've been having.

 Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. One of the best ways to help yourself is to try making some changes. This can be hard, especially if you're stubborn and/or you don't take criticism well, and others around you have been nagging you to change your ways. Take a moment to put your ego in the closet, listen to those closest to you, and consider what they have to say.

 The way to growth, dear friends, is through evolution--calling it that is a much nicer spin on CHANGE, which is a word that most people really can't abide. You are not cursed any more than the USS Cowpens is. If you're worried about negativity, use protection magick to keep yourself safe and centered and stay free of both intentional and untintentional negative energy. The chances of being deliberately targeted for a curse are about the same as being killed by livestock falling from the sky. 

Also, remember that karma is a product of both our actions and thoughts--I'll bet you're reconsidering your last bout of road rage now--so think, speak, and act positively. Being good doesn't balance out the bad things you've done; they are in two separate "accounts" for lack of a better term.

I'm certain that the USS Cowpens will emerge from its negative cycle soon--if you assume that it's even IN one--hopefully before the arrival of its next permanent commanding officer. They won't need to burn 1000 bundles of sage on the stern under a Scorpio moon to break the "curse", because THERE IS NO CURSE.

One final note: Shit happens to all of us. Calling a run of bad luck a "curse" is a ridiculous and short-sighted way of dealing with it. Moreover, it makes you feel powerless; in truth, using that term is making a choice to be a victim. of circumstance, instead of an empowered individual. I have no idea why you would choose to identify yourself as a victim, but free will being what it is, the choice is yours.

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