Sunday, February 19, 2012

Letter from Neptune: The Ultimate Indignity

Hello there Old Man!

I've been in such a chipper mood lately that I almost can't stand myself. So uncontrolled, so dreamy...and that's so me in a nutshell. I could go so far as to say it's also very much NOT you, but that might be pushing the bounds of good taste.

And the bounds of good taste and decorum is what I will not only be pushing with this letter to you. No, Father Time, I suspect you will feel like good taste and decorum will become roadkill by the side of my literary road once I'm done. Guess what? You'll just deal with it. Or you won't. But either way I won't care. You wanna know why?

A week or so ago, I moved into Pisces, the sign that I rule. I'm FINALLY in my dignity!! And for the next 14 years, give or take an hour or three, I'll be in my most comfortable position in the heavens. Just think of all the Pisces folks...and not just the Pisces sun folks, but Pisces Moon and rising people, as well as anyone with lots of Pisces in their charts...who will feel much more at home, intuitive, and complete. The best thing for them to do now is to grab a bottle and head outside with all the rest of the hippies and commune with the Divine. I'm all about connecting with the unconditional love that's all around us and giving it back. 

I mean...we've got to make the most of it now, because it isn't going to happen again for another 165 years or so. The subconscious mind finally comes to the forefront, and more people will be attuned to and accept intuition--or "playing hunches" or some other non-New Age word of your choosing, my non-intuitive friend--as a normal everyday part of life. 

From a more environmental perspective, I expect a lot more ocean research. I do rule the oceans, too, you know. There's this huge body of water that takes up like 70% of the Earth and they're nowhere even close to understanding its complexity. 

People will feel more comfortable with anything I rule. I expect psychics, mediums, dancers, and filmmakers to have an excellent time. Anything that provides an illusion--glamour, if you will--will do well. It's going to be an awesome time!

With that said, unlike certain other more stodgy planets that will not be named, I freely admit my shortcomings. Over the next fourteen years, I expect that our difficulties with drugs in the world will become much, much worse. I'm not just talking about alcohol, though...I suspect that there will be a rise in the use of any illegal drug. More people may turn to drugs instead of addressing their problems directly; consequently, you may find that more people end up in rehab--sadly, I rule addiction, but at the same time I also have psychiatry under my aegis so I can try to help them cope. 

Secrecy is good sometimes, but generally speaking it causes a lot of problems. It's the deceptive aspect of me that gets many into trouble. Expect more extramarital affairs and more people hiding things under cosmetics than ever before. My influence may push people in that direction as well. Any criminal activity that is kept under the radar, like smuggling, could also see an increase. 

I'm not going to sit here and take responsibility for either the good or the bad of my influence over people; they've got free will, so blaming it on me is just an excuse. 

I have to gloat a little...just like you'll want to be proud Papa when you move into Capricorn, which won't happen for a few years yet...but today IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!

Awww...don't have a negative emotion on me! That's can't anyway...but John did get most of his tax stuff done and finish the meat of his tarot book, as well as receive a shiny new title. So you SHOULD be thrilled for five minutes or so before disappointment suffocates you like relatives on Thanksgiving.

Hope you'll write some point. 




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