Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mercury Retrograde...and We're Back!

Once more into the breach...with Mercury retrograde We're only a few short hours into Mercury retrograde, ladies and gentlemen, and already things are getting interesting. To be fair, the Storm--Mercury's slowdown before the planet starts moving in the opposite direction because it can't stop on a dime--began over a week ago. That's when a lot of the shit really starts. Some of my friends actually call it the "shit storm".

Anyway, I'm feeling some of the effects, and while I did write a blog a while back on some of the standard Mercury retrograde problems, real-world examples are always better.

Today, I went to the gym. At the front desk as you check in, a screen indicates what movie is playing in the "cardio theatre" each day. Yesterday's was "The Goonies", which scrolled constantly across the screen. There is also a write-on/wipe-off board where the staff writes the day's movie title. It read "Eye of the Beholder", whose case was on the counter in front of me. When I pointed out to the attendant that the screen was wrong, he said, "Oh...yeah. I don't even know how to use that thing! I'd rather be watching 'The Goonies' anyway."

Last night, I tried to access a document on my iPad during my Witchcraft class. I wasn't able to get it--the iPad just kept saying "Loading..." for like five minutes. I came home and accessed the document without a problem. It wasn't corrupted in any way.

I tried to order takeout through my iPhone from a national chain restaurant. I placed the order and hit send only to find that the restaurant was "offline". When I finally got to the restaurant and ordered food, I explained what had happened. They weren't even aware there was a problem.

Keep an eye out for communications problems of all kinds, and if you can, take along a piece of paper or two as a backup plan. Also, remember the RE- in retrograde: New projects begun during this time are likely to be re-done or re-tooled in some way once the retrograde is over.

Hope you have a smooth retrograde!


  1. I hadn't realized this retro phase was upon us. Curiously, I spent the weekend "revisiting" things - the 3rd book in a trilogy I'd started, an 80s movie I'd wanted to see but never had, another movie I'd queued up on Hulu but hadn't gotten around to seeing...
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Very nice, Mina! Merc retrograde is perfect for that kind of thing. It's also a great time for re-checking or editing anything. I'm writing new material on my tarot novel, but it's far from done so I know I'm going to go back over it multiple times anyway.

  3. Can I assume the shit storm of miscommunications that happened to me on Friday had something to do with M.I.R.?
    Sat down to dinner with some acquaintances and every single thing that came out of the wife's mouth was aggressive, insulting, belligerent, and down-right bitchy. The woman and her husband took offense at everything I or my husband said...even when all we did was ask how her kids were. After picking at me all the way through dinner she eventually started being more direct, insulting my artwork that was hanging in the restaurant, insulting my understanding/commitment of/to our community...oh Goddess, she just kept on and on. This passive woman finally had enough and snapped...spectacularly. Then I stomped the mile back home. That same night I had some really mean critiquing of my work offered up from another unexpected source. This is highly unusual. My mother had very similar experiences as far as communications problems that same night. I'm thinking perhaps this is a good time to go back over how I allow people to treat me and how I deal with it? One can only be a doormat for so long.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, I'm sure MIR had something to do with it. You always must be careful during this time, but it is an excellent time to "re-think" how you react to how others treat you. Don't make any hard decisions until MIR is over, though.