Sunday, November 3, 2013

Important Updates: Pele and Mercury Fuckery

OK, so to begin with, a special thanks to all of you who have sent Reiki, prayers, positive energy, and email or Facebook messages for Pele's speedy recovery. The first day home was pretty rough; it was obvious she was in pain and we hated having to wait for several hours to give her pain meds. But she has bounced back like the champion she is, and is now doing--or trying to do--everything she normally does. She would like me to remove that collar, but unfortunately she will keep in on at least for the foreseeable future.

I'd also like to give a huge shout-out to my beloved bride, Jen, who is checking on Pele many times during the night. Pele is closed in with us so she won't get into as much trouble, and has on several occasions tried to remove the collar. Jen is literally losing sleep making sure my kitten is safe, healthy, and happy as I sleep soundly.

I was hoping to do something special for Jen, but what happened next was not what I had in mind. I accidentally knocked a large book and her Kindle off the counter onto the floor. Said large book fell onto the Kindle, so it smashed the screen into the floor. While the screen was intact, attempts at resuscitation failed. That's gratitude for you…she loses sleep to take care of your cat and you kill off her Kindle. So we ordered her a new Kindle Fire. Add that to the Mercury Retrograde pile.

Overall, this Merc retro has not been too bad. I've had a few get cancelled at the last minute, but overall things have been very calm. [CROSSES FINGERS].

On the computer front, my old iMac arrived at its destination on my birthday as expected, and it took another week for them to tell me that they had "completed the audit". How much am I getting for it? No idea. When will I get a gift card? Still don't know. I check it about once every five minutes to see if any additional information has been posted. So no computer has been ordered, of course.

The best news? Even if I ordered it tomorrow, my new iMac wouldn't get here before the end of Mercury retrograde, so at least I can avoid the fuckery of trying to install new software and getting it up to speed. Hopefully we'll be back in business long before Thanksgiving; I've got at least 3 astrological charts I've got to do with November due dates and I'd rather not miss them all.

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