Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cookie Monster and the Loss of Passion

I remember when I was growing up and Cookie Monster LOVED cookies. He ate piles and piles of them on screen. When they weren't around, he asked for them. In this one sketch he went into the library and asked for books about cookies...well, he asked for cookies a bunch of times before he was informed that they do not serve cookies in a library. But to me, it is one of the earliest examples of someone really following their passion.

In later incarnations, with Americans more concerned about obsesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and just plain old good eating habits, Cookie Monster was...tamed. He now says that "cookies are a sometimes food". While I understand that this is a children's program and we want to set a good example, I'm truly disappointed. In fact, a part of me wishes they had retired Cookie Monster like they got rid of cigarette commercials on television. They made Cookie Monster less than what he is by doing that.

But it brings up a larger point. How many of us are really passionate about something for a long time, and then we let the "real world" overtake us and we just let it go? We stop doing what we love because it seems inconvenient or doesn't "fit" with the rest of our lives. About certain things, like all-night drinking binges, I can understand letting them go. But all too often we let it happen with the things we really enjoy that aren't eventually going to kill us.

So I urge you to be Cookie Monster when it comes to what you love. Don't let time, energy, or convenience stand in the way of your passion. And share it with others as often as you can! I may not know much about a topic, but I love to hear people who truly love something talk about it. And you can just tell by the way they describe it. The energy is infectious.

Sing it with me..."C is for cookie, that's good enough for me..." :)

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