Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aries 2014 Can Suck It...Except for Today

No one is happier to see Aries end this year than I am. No offense, Rams, but your season seriously tried my fucking patience this time. 

The main reason for the fuckery was the fact that I had to move. This is move #11 for Jen and I, so we moved five times as many times as one of the movers who showed up to cart off our crap. We thought, "We're moving less than 1/8 of a mile away. This is going to be easy." That was an error in judgment; this move was the toughest by far we've ever done, and these include moves that we've done ourselves!

So now you can see why I haven't blogged in a while. But I am starting to recover and get back in the swing of things, so hopefully there will be more entries soon. By now, Saturn has probably had a fit about me letting all of you down. At least Neptune will likely be too drunk to care. 

Today is the best day of Aries because my kitten Pele was born a year ago today. I didn't bring her home until May and I didn't know her as a newborn, but I have fallen in love with this little girl so hard. She totally stole my heart and I don't want it back. So today was by far the best day of Aries. Happy birthday to my Pele!

Taurus begins in a little while and I can hardly wait. Ideally I'll be asleep when it arrives. With that in mine, I bid you all a bonne nuit and look forward to blogging again soon. 

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