Sunday, December 20, 2015

Metaphysical Meanderings to Re-Cap 2015

Hello there everyone...the end of 2015 is almost upon us, and I wanted to take a few moments to share some meanderings with you while I have some time.

1) 2015 was a rough year. It had a few good parts, but generally speaking in my world it kind of sucked. So I can't wait for the new year. 

2) My faith in people was truly tested this year. I've always felt like I was a "people person", but there were more times this year where I wanted to be alone than usual. It seemed that people were much more interested in themselves than other people, and that in 2015 people were totally ready to fuck each other over for idiotic reasons. Hopefully that's just an aberration.

3) I think everyone needs an Erin Condren planner. I've had mine for a few weeks and I feel much better--much more creative and open. Give it a try! Stickers and Washi tape are more liberating than they might seem...

4) With all of the senseless violence we have seen this year, some of you may be feeling unsettled or somehow unsafe. While anything can happen anywhere, it's important for you to live your life to its fullest. Go where you want and enjoy yourselves without fear. That's the only way to defeat the intentions of anyone who would attempt to harm us.

5) Please express your own beliefs while being respectful of those of others. With the elections that are coming in 2016, there's always the potential for turbulence. If you post your beliefs on social media, people are going to comment, so use your best judgment. 

6) I'll just repeat one of the best memes I saw this year: "Dear Karma, you missed a few people. I have a list..." :)

7) My studies at the Midwest School of Astrology have really helped me grow and develop as a person and as an astrologer, even though it's only the end of my first semester. I'm thrilled to be a part of my class and the school community!

A special thanks to all of my clients, students at the ToWC, and classmates. I sincerely appreciate your patronage and friendship this year. 

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my beloved, Jen, and my chosen family, who helped keep me sane during a very insane year. 

Finally, it's sometimes hard to know if anyone reads this blog. So I'd like to say a special thank you to those people who made a point of saying they have read it and who have made positive comments about it. Your positive feedback means the world to me.

Here's to a prosperous, peaceful, and amazing 2016. And here's to learning the lessons 2015 was supposed to teach us so we don't keep making the same mistakes.

All the best for you and yours for whatever holiday you celebrate! 


  1. I love to read your expressive writings. You have found and are living your passion and it shows in what you share. Congratulations!