Monday, January 9, 2012

How much is too much for a reading?

A friend sent along this article to me today about a psychic who is taking advantage of the bad economy because more people need financial guidance. Of course it is completely appropriate that it showed during Capricorn, the season of long-term financial planning. Saturn would be SO EXCITED.

She charges $135 an hour, and for an hour-long psychic reading in New York City--sometimes they go longer--that's a pretty decent price. If you consider her geographic location, that sounds about right to me. I used to live in NYC, and the sticker shock there is pretty amazing. When you can drop $100 on drinks in practically a heartbeat--and trust me, you can!--people won't bat an eyelash when they need advice. I saw a reader in Seattle charging $90 an hour, and considering her location--Pike's Place Market--I thought that was a little on the high side but still fairly reasonable.

What really took me by surprise was the $20/minute that this one company charges. WOW. I don't know anyone who would pay that much.

OK, let me back up and rephrase: I hope that NO ONE who reads this blog would EVER consider paying that much for a psychic reading of any kind. I don't care how accurate you say you are; that's ridiculous and completely unreasonable. You don't need guidance that badly!

This is NOT a shameless marketing attempt, good people. I am simply trying to give you some perspective. When it comes to metaphysical readings of any sort--tarot, psychic, etc.,--you should pay a reasonable price. For most experienced tarot readers, it's about a dollar a minute or so. A little more, maybe, taking the location into account. Also, remember that if the venue does not belong to your reader, s/he will pay a percentage to cover rental expenses as well as other expenses--gas, tarot cards, credit card fees, etc. So the reader doesn't pocket it all, either.

I know I've talked about this before but it bears repeating: A more expensive reading does not mean that it will be more meaningful, accurate, enlightening, etc. If you feel uncomfortable paying the price, don't be pressured to part with your cash; step back, regroup, and wait until later or find someone else.

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