Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Welcome to the Blogosphere for Evil Twin!

Just a quick note to recommend a friend's new blog. My friend Evil Twin is half of the dynamic duo known as TheWineTwins. Their blog, This May Cost Me An Appliance, is snarky and funny, and I've enjoyed what I've read so far! So go over and check it out!

For those of you interested in starting your own blog, here are a few pieces of advice:

1) You DO have something unique to contribute! Most people who really should start a blog are the ones who say, "But I don't have anything interesting to say!" Not true. Everyone has a unique perspective, and if you need a creative outlet, a blog is a low-maintenance, no-cost way of tapping into that creative side.

2) Aspiring writers should be blogging! When a publisher looks at you, they'll like it if you have a blog because it represents people who are already interested in what you have to say. These folks can be future customers.

3) Be who you are, and write that way. Write about the topics that interest you. Blogs on particular topics are fantastic--I subscribe to many tarot and astrology blogs--but I also like blogs where you can get to know the PERSON behind the blog. Put your own personality in it, and don't judge your blog by other people's. [Evil Twin, please read that last phrase again several times! :)]

4) You never know who might read your blog, so promote, promote, promote! I am a huge fan of Susan Katz Keating's blog, which talks about military matters and national security stuff. I never set out to find it, but when I did, I was really pleased.

5) JUST DO IT. It will change your life.

Anyway, best of luck to all new bloggers! And welcome to the Blogosphere, Evil Twin; don't forget to save a little wine for me, you hear?? :)


  1. John, thy name is AWESOMENESS!!!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you for your kind words and giving a new blog a chance to play in the sand box! May the wine flow ever in your favor (with a couple of glasses to the Mrs. and she frigging rocks as well!)

    1. You are quite welcome, Evil Twin! And the wine would be nice, too! :)

  2. And hey...if you want to promote her blog :)

  3. Oh, wow! I just now saw this! Thank you so much! I am honored at the nod. I wansdered over here because I noticed that tomorrow is the Air Force's birthday, and I remembered how much fun it was when you did the military charts, and I couldn't remember if you did one for the Air Force, and anyway... here I am. I like your blog, too... : D

  4. P.S. on the promotion end: If you link your blog posts to your FB page and to Twitter, it's amazing how many extra hits you get. : )

  5. Thanks for dropping in, Susan, and for your blog wisdom! My schedule precludes an Air Force birthday blog right now, I'm afraid...but we will see if I can sneak it in... :)

  6. John, I always find something fresh and fascinating at your place! I wasn't trying to nudge you to do an Air Force post, I was just curious to see if you'd done one ; ) Oh, and I think I got the date wrong.

    Another blog tip... with Blogger, you can pre-set your posts. My readers like it when I post every day, but that can be tough to do when I get busy. So sometimes I set aside a couple hours on a slow day, and pre-set a clump of posts for the week ahead. Ssssshhhhhh! : )

  7. Susan...thanks for letting me know. What's the correct date? Perhaps I can manage one next week. And I schedule blogs ahead all the time. I've got a whole bunch of blogs ready to go when I need one. :)