Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Book Review: "I Believe: When What You Believe Matters" by Eldon Taylor

You hear it over and over again: Mind over matter. Even as I write it down it sounds tired to me, like a really bad fitness instructor exhorting his class of unmotivated students to push even harder. And yet, it really does matter...a lot.

I Believe: When What You Believe Matters by Eldon Taylor will give you many, many more reasons to check yourself and what you are telling your subconscious mind.

Before you dive right in, check your skepticism at the door. As you look over the Table of Contents you'll see a lot of different subjects, and it would be easy to say, "Oh yeah, in one chapter he's going to tell us that cancer patients cured themselves by believing that they were cancer-free." With chapter titles like "Love and Pain", I can understand your skepticism entirely.

But I read this book in pieces, not as a whole. I'm not sure if it was designed to be read that way, but I felt like it was a great inspirational reference guide when I was struggling in a particular area.

My favorite chapter overall was Chapter 4, "Integrity Inviolate". To me, there are very few things more important than your personal integrity in everything that you do. We live in a world of over-promise and under-deliver. We say we're going to help a friend move when we really plan to have a migraine, for example. We're all guilty of it, so I'm not judging anyone. But Taylor's experiences, like the story about his son receiving $40 extra cash out of the ATM, are great reminders of what we should be shooting for as people.

Chapter 3, "Be Honest With Yourself and Embrace Your Flaws" came in a close second. I loved how looking at your "flaws" differently, and changing your mindset to what you consider a flaw, could revolutionize your world view, and it was one that resonated with me.

Finally, Chapter 14, "Instinct and Intuition", was a good reminder about biases in the way we perceive intuitive messages about ourselves. Of course, this is one of the many reasons people consult psychics, and I am always gratified when a client says to me, "I've been getting the feeling I should [INSERT ACTION HERE.] Can you tell me if you think it's a good idea?" But if you're empowered enough to figure it out on your own without an intermediary, that's ideal.

If you're ready to re-focus and make some life changes, I Believe is a great choice. If you're not ready for change, then this book, like any other book, class, or mindset won't help you much. But even if you're 50% ready for change, this book will re-energize you and show you through Taylor's narratives the benefits of believing in and having faith in yourself above all things.

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