Friday, May 17, 2013

Solar Chart of David Petraeus

Here's a look at the solar astrological chart of former US Army General David Petraeus.

Many of you may not be familiar with looking at astrological charts, so let's talk about a few things first. Gen. Petraeus' chart has a Rodden Rating of "X", which means we do not have his actual birth time. We call this a "solar chart" because we use noon as the birth time on the day of his birth. All of the relationships between the planets, the rising sign, and the houses of the chart are inaccurate without the birth time. So this will be a general planetary overview. In future charts, I'll try to pick out the ones with more accurate information. 

As a sun sign Scorpio, David would be very comfortable with secrets of all kinds. Many Scorpios are drawn to professions that involve intelligence of some kind for that reason. Every Scorpio has their own moral code, and unfortunately his decisions to have an extramarital affair made front page news. Sadly, he had the ultimate Scorpio dream job as Director of the CIA. Not trying to second guess or judge him, but COME ON, MAN. Any Scorpio on the planet--including this one--would LOVE that job. Losing it must have REALLY hurt.

Scorpio is also the sign that rules sex. What I also found interesting was that his lover was also a sun sign Scorpio. But David didn't leave his wife for this woman. He may have known that it's entirely possible he'd have run into the same problem with another person. More detail on that below.

Moon in Cancer is the moon's most comfortable position (in its dignity in the sign that it rules) and it rules our emotional selves. Underneath the hard exterior Scorpio shell was an extremely sensitive individual. I wouldn't rule out some natural psychic ability there, either. But one area that we could consider is his relationship with his mother. Many lunar Cancers have problems with mom that carry over into their adult lives. In this particular chart, the moon is conjunct Uranus; that could indicate abrupt emotional changes or shifts.

Mercury in Sagittarius means we're dealing with a straight shooter. One area he likely has to watch for is being too blunt, but likely he also has a great sense of humor. Venus in Sagittarius, however, can be a problem romantically; Sag's attitude is "don't fence me in", and it can give the tendency to become restless in love. I also wouldn't be surprised if David enjoyed being away from home almost as much as he liked being at home, and not just for extracurricular activities.

Mars in Capricorn is great for slow, steady career growth. Mars is also the lust planet, so it's quite likely that his affair started slowly and very gradually.

Unfortunately, without a birth time there's not a lot else to say on this one. But I hope you will tune in again soon when I do another astrological chart. 


  1. I totally love this chart! I can't wait to see what else you come up with, and on whom!