Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mercury vs. Jupiter: The Final Verdict

[Jupiter enters the Sun's office suite to find Venus sitting at the Moon's desk.]

Jupiter: Hey Venus! I'm here for my appointment with the Sun.

Venus: Good morning! He's not back from Orlando yet, so you'll be meeting with the Moon today.

Jupiter: Wait...the MOON is going to decide this?

Venus: Of course! You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Jupiter: Well, no, of course not! I'm just...surprised; that's all.

Venus: The Sun decided that he didn't want to make you wait for a decision any longer than you already had, Jove. So he asked the Moon to handle this matter in his absence.

Jupiter: Fantastic! I'd like to get this resolved before John goes back to school again. Is Mercury here yet?

Venus: No, but here he is now. Hi, Merc!

Hi, Jupiter. Hi Venus! Is the Moon ready for us?

Venus: Yes, she is. You both can go right in.

[Both enter Lady Moon's office]

Moon: Good morning, gentlemen. Shut the door, please.

[Jupiter shuts the door and sits down]

Moon: Thank you both for coming. The Sun is still in Orlando, but I hope he'll be back by the end of the week. In the meantime, I'll be acting in his stead, and he didn't see any reason to delay what he sees as a routine matter. Jupiter...perhaps you'd like to start by telling us why you feel so strongly about it.

Jupiter: Yes, Lady. Our favorite blogger often goes on trips related to his astrology education, and I don't think that they should fall under Mercury's purview. This is clearly a higher education matter, and I want to make sure it's on the record that I rule these trips now.

Mercury: Jupiter, while I comprehend your point of view, this is pure logic at work. If a person returns to a particular place more than once, it's not an adventure anymore, and it becomes routine. And routine travel matters are my purview. John's been to Cincinnati twice now; that first trip was one of discovery, so it went to you. But now that John travels there regularly, that's my area.

Jupiter: I don't trust you to handle this, Merc. You led John astray big time! He almost didn't make it to all of his commitments during that January trip, and yet you want me to be held responsible for it.

Mercury: You sound like Saturn now. John's obligations are none of your concern. I'll admit that I sent him the wrong data about the route, given the geography of the area and the time of year. But you're the one who said that it was an adventure, and it sure was. John did do everything he needed and wanted to do, but it wasn't easy. I'll ensure that doesn't happen again on my watch.

Jupiter: That's just not fair. It's a long-distance trip! That's my area. He's going to COLLEGE in Cincinnati, people. 
This is a no-brainer! I don't get why this is so hard!

Moon: Mercury, could you please let Jupiter and I chat privately for a moment?

Mercury: Sure, Lady Moon. Sorry, Jupiter!

[Mercury leaves and closes the door behind him. The Moon frowns and blushes slightly]

Jupiter: 'Sorry'? What did he mean by 'sorry'?

Moon: I know how passionately you feel about this, Jupiter. I truly do. But John's Cincinnati trips are Mercury's area now.

Jupiter: And why do I get the feeling you had already made up your mind before I came in here?

Moon: You would be right. Your feelings don't override logic this time, Jupiter.

Jupiter: Lady Moon, this is incredibly important to me.

Moon: I understand. And I'll be the first one to tell you that emotion can override logic, and sometimes not in a positive way. But it doesn't make sense this time. I'm very sorry.

Jupiter: And why didn't you jump in and say anything while we were talking? I thought I had a chance!

Moon: I'm a better listener than I am a talker, Jove. And I wanted you to have the opportunity to be heard; that was important to me.

Jupiter: I appreciate your concern for my feelings, Lady Moon, but...

Moon: [smiles] We both know you don't like to lose a philosophical argument. Mercury already knew the score before we came in here. So I'm giving you the opportunity to lose gracefully, in private.

Jupiter: [SIGH] So that's the final word on the matter?

Moon: I'm afraid it is. My decision is binding and without appeal, Jupiter. But you love the Indiana Jones series of movies, so here's a quote for you: "You lost today, kid. But that doesn't mean you have to like it."

[Jupiter nods his head and leaves the office. A moment later, Venus appears in the doorway]

Venus: It's lunchtime, Lady Moon. I've sent the phones to voicemail.

Moon: I'm not hungry, Venus. You go ahead. But thanks for offering.

Venus: You're under orders from the Sun to take a lunch, Luna, and I plan to enforce that. But that doesn't mean you have to EAT anything...

Moon: [getting up from the desk] Two Ying-Yang martinis it is, then. And you know, some days I'm glad we're not Vedic...this leadership stuff is NOT EASY!

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