Monday, July 4, 2016

The Sun Also Rises: Working Independently

[Mars walks into the Sun's office suite]

Mars: Sir...are you here?

Sun: [SIGH] Yes, Mars, I'm here. You may as well come on back.

[Mars enters the Sun's office]

Mars: Sorry to bug you, sir...

Sun: It's OK, Mars. I'm here, but I'm not getting much done. You?

Mars: Well, now that I'm moving forward again I feel pretty fucking great! 

Sun: How was your time off?

Mars: Kind of rough, sir. Paris got seriously flooded.

Sun: Yes, I saw that! Did you manage OK?

Mars: Yeah, I spent some time outside the city and then got back in time to grab some of the Euro 2016 matches. Gotta admit those Frogs are kicking ass and taking names!

Sun: I was glad to see them end Iceland's Cinderella story. But what happened to the Brits?

Mars: Dude, that place is going nuts. They lose to an island even smaller than theirs, and then they decide to get the fuck out of the EU? I don't follow all that political bullshit, but it sounds crazy. Soccer-wise, though, they have some serious work to do. If you can't score goals, you're not going to win...simple as that. 

Sun: I hear you. Saturn has been writing me like crazy about the political stuff. I'm going over some of his reports on the Brexit now. He's not exactly optimistic about what's going on there, and his handwritten reports are hard to read in mechanical pencil.

Mars: No disrespect, sir, but what the fuck do you expect from the Old Man? 

Sun: Fair enough, Mars. [PAUSE] I hate to kick you out, but I've been in Orlando, and the paperwork has piled up...

Mars: No problem, sir. I gotta jet. I'm helping John out today, anyway.

Sun: Oh? He's not working today, is he?

Mars: No! He went and worked out this morning and this afternoon he's going to attack a new situation, and he needs my motivation. Merc's going to be there, too.

Sun: [arches eyebrows] What are you two getting up to?

Mars: Sir, John's trying to cast an astrological chart by hand. I'm helping with the drive, it being a holiday and all, and Mercury's helping with the calculations. 

Sun: WOW. I remember when astrologers had to do it that way all the time, before the dawn of computers. What a bitch and a half.

Mars: Yeah, he fucked up all the houses on this one he did last night. But you'll be happy to know he got all of us in the right places at least, including Lady Moon. 

Sun: That's pretty good for a first attempt, though. Finding those house cusps can be tricky. 

Mars: Merc's helping him with those. My math skills are...well, they're just not. But at least I can cheer at the right moments. 

Sun: Well, I never knew John as a masochist, but if he wants to do it, then I hope he's successful. 

Mars: That boy is a stubborn bastard, sir. We'll make sure he gets it. Eventually. Well, I'm off like a prom dress. Have a great day working! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

Sun: Thanks, Mars! America fuck yeah, indeed. 

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