Monday, June 23, 2014

Conversation about Mercury Retrograde, part 2: "Mercury broke my truck...and now he broke my wife!"

So you remember last week when my friend told me about the starter in his truck being "killed" by Mercury retrograde when he was getting ready to leave on vacation? 

Well, his quote on my Facebook status update the other day was stunning and priceless:

"Mercury broke my truck, and now he broke my wife!"

He received an abject lesson in the other area Mercury rules--the nervous system--as his lovely wife was struck down with severe back spasm the other night. OUCH! The lady is a Virgo, a Mercury-ruled sign, so I doubt she needed a lesson on the power of Mercury to fuck up a few days. Sadly, she got it anyway.

I know how she nervous system gave me a similar lesson as Mercury decided to send me to the hospital for my back for a few days in 2012. That really sucked. 

I'm sending Reiki to her and hope she makes a very quick recovery. 

If you get out of Merc retro without too much trouble, ladies and gentlemen, count your blessings. Just sayin'. 

As excited I am about the solstice and the Sun's arrival in Cancer, I'll be thrilled on July 9 when Mercury retrograde's storm is over and we can all go back to our more peaceful lives...that is, until October, when we do it again. 

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