Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Think Your Merc Retro is a Downer? Time to Count Your Blessings!

In the vein of "I need to remember to count my blessings when I get pissed off that my latte is too hot or my Internet service isn't loading my porn fast enough", I heard from a Leo friend who has had a very rough Mercury retrograde. 

He got severe sunburn and almost broke his neck helping build a barn for his brother. HOLY FUCKING OUCH! 

But while Mercury cannot be blamed for either of those two incidents, he definitely had a hand in this last one. His Aries wife decided on Father's Day to let him know that she was divorcing him. WOW. Just WOW. 

No offense, Aries folks, but even for a sign that can be as blunt, combustible, and arrogant as Aries can be, that's downright mean. 

I am so sorry he is in both physical and emotional pain. For us, it is a stark reminder of a few things. 

1) The fact that your sun signs are compatible with another person does NOT guarantee long term happiness. 

On paper, Leo man-Aries woman is a great combination. And while there is certainly more to marriage--and divorce--than astrology, a lot of people are much more likely to select people to date by their sun sign compatibility. So don't be fooled into thinking long-term harmony is dictated by one small (astrological) facet of a person. In life, as in astrology, there is SO MUCH MORE to consider. 

2) Mercury retrograde is not the time to have serious, relationship-altering conversations with a significant other. 

Evidently my friend's wife was more concerned about causing him pain than really communicating. Doing it on Father's Day was an especially bitchy touch, I will say, something befitting a Mars-ruled personality. 

She may not have known about Mercury retrograde, but it is NOT the time for a conversation like this, or a similar "talk" like when couples say "We need to talk." And starting divorce proceedings during Mercury retrograde is a huge mistake too...it's all PAPERWORK! 

For the sake of my friend, I hope that Mercury has his way with his soon-to-be ex by throwing little roadblocks in her path the whole way. Add to all this the greater likelihood that she will eventually regret this decision. But I digress.

Let me re-state briefly the big Merc retro rules. Unless you have no choice...

1) Do not sign any important paperwork. 
2) Do not get married or divorced. 
3) Do not make any large purchases (home, etc.). 
4) Do not have any major conversations about anything with any important person (spouse, boss, etc.).
5) Do not purchase a new computer, upgrade a new computer, or do any significant computer work during Merc retro. (New apps on your phone are about as far as I would go, but you should be careful with those too!)

If you must do any of these things, take precautions...make backups, check frequently to ensure understanding, go over all paperwork with a fine-toothed comb, and cross your fingers!

I wish my friend luck as he moves forward, beginning the fight for custody of his children and putting his soon-to-be-single life back on track. He's a really special person who has taught me a hell of a lot, and his pain is my pain. My friend, I'll simply say you are in my thoughts and hope you feel better soon. 

For the rest of us, we need to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even during Mercury retrograde!


  1. Well said my friend. Thank you for the reminder. It is definitely something that is forgotten quite frequently in this crazy, busy world.

  2. Life can be hard sometimes. Current astrological phase does not help either. This article helps us realize how thankful I should be for what I have.