Thursday, June 26, 2014

Possessed by a Ouija Board?

Ah yes, the Ouija board! I've heard so many entertaining stories about people using them, and some are even true. 

This article appeared recently in the UK's Daily Mail about three people who were possessed by a Ouija Board.

Did this really happen? Were these people really possessed by something otherworldly? That all depends on whether or not you believe in possession. But if you've read this blog at all, ever, you should know what I'm going to say next: That the kids were either truly faking it or they took drugs before they started using the board. To ask if they were possessed is just not the place to start. 

The Ouija Board (pronounced Wee-Gee) is a device known as a spirit board and can be used to connect with the spirit world.

Most people just shove their hands in the direction of the answers they want to receive using the planchette, a small piece of wood, or in Ouija, it's plastic. But if you're going to take it seriously, then you use it responsibly.

Keep in mind that using a spirit board is like lighting a bonfire in the middle of a clear field at night: Everything around will be attracted to it, and that can be dangerous.

To ensure an excellent experience with a board, please make sure to do the following:

1) Cast a protective circle, and in some form say aloud that you only want "positive" or "good" spirits to come communicate with you.

2) If anything negative comes across to have its say, don't sit there and banter with it. Tell it to leave. You are the most powerful person in the circle. 

3) Use the spirit board with people you know and trust. In other words, not your sister's asshole boyfriend or your skeptical grandmother. 

Fun Fact: When Monopoly was made by Parker Brothers, the Ouija board was a close second in sales to the popular property trading game. So while everyone can say they're creeped out or would never buy such a thing, I'm sure we have a lot of liars on our hands. And that's fine...I won't tell anyone you still have one stashed away! 

No matter how you feel about spirit communication, I hope you'll heed my advice if you choose to use a spirit board. 


  1. Great article. Have safe and responsible fun.

  2. I have NEVER used one nor wish to however I do have a Ouija story. my bestie Bobby passed away and his family was inconsolable. well I dreamed of him one night and he was walking down a long white hallway following his nephew mark (who was a freaky look alike ) who was 5ish. when I woke up I called to tell his mom and she dropped the phone and her other son was like what did you say to maw and I told him, well at the same time I was having the dream they were on the board and talked to bobby who told them he was with mark. pretty cool confirmation!
    thanks for taking a responsible informative approach a great tool but NOT a toy!