Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Luminaries: Office Expenses, Olympics and oh...POKEMON!

[The Sun is trying to change channels on the television in his office.]

Sun: Luna?

Moon: [from her desk] Yes, Sol?

Sun: Can you come in here for a moment?

Moon: Sure! [Comes in] You're distressed about something.

Sun: All of a sudden my TV doesn't work. Do you know what's up with it?

Moon: Ah, yes. I forgot to mention that I had the cable turned off.

Sun: Wait...you did what?

Moon: You said we had to find ways to save money, that we were over budget. So I noticed we were blowing a whole lot of money on cable, and made some adjustments.

Sun: Luna, did you have to kill it entirely? It's hard for me to shine when I can't watch my sports. And I've been looking forward to the Olympics.

Moon: Well, part of the reason I did it was to make sure you didn't spend all your waking hours here, which you have been doing recently.

Sun: [Frowns] I think just found your ulterior motive.

Moon: Sol, that remark stings a bit.

Sun: It's true, though, Luna.

Moon: I'm trying to take care of you since you don't do a great job of taking care of yourself. That TV on your wall doing nothing will be a subtle reminder that you can't work yourself to death. I wouldn't want the mighty Sun to experience burnout.

Sun: I do appreciate that, Luna, and I know you're looking out for me. But I've got a job to do and it literally never stops.

Moon: You act like you're the center of the known universe, Sol! Stop believing all the hype.

Sun: [SIGH] Luna, can I have my cable back, please?

Moon: If it means that much to you, I'll have it reinstated with the very basic package, but not until the Olympics.

Sun: Oh, for fuck's sake, Luna! Just call them and have them turn it back on!

Moon: Don't play the Mars card with me, buster! How do you think I feel watching you work yourself into an early grave? With the amount of time you spend here at work, you could go supernova anytime. And then where would we be? Huh? You have no idea how many times I've tried to nudge you gently toward the door, and you and your ego just won't have it! So you need to dial it back! Watch sports clips online or something during the workday, Sol. Can't you be without cable for two weeks?

Sun: Alright, alright, Luna. I'll do it for you; I'll leave work on time. Promise me the cable will be back in time for the Olympics! I need to see the USA dominate in beach volleyball.

Moon: I promise. [takes out phone and walks toward door]

Sun: Good. Where are you going?

Moon: I'm going to take my break. By the way, I just upgraded the Internet speed here at the office...there's a new Pokémon gym across the street! GO TEAM MYSTIC! [runs out of office]

Sun: I lost my cable, and the internet speed got an upgrade? Hmmmmmm. Probably best to let that go for now.

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