Monday, September 12, 2016

Random Meanderings

Greetings dear reader! I hope your summer has been enjoyable and fun. Since none of the astrological planets decided to help me out tonight, it looks like I'm on my own. So I decided I'd catch you all up with some randomness.

1) Glass cleaner from the Dollar Store--So this is a mistake that I won't make again. I tried using it today, and while it cleans just fine, it stinks of vinegar and aged roadkill. Now I know that glass cleaner isn't supposed to smell like making chocolate chip cookies, but I shouldn't want to toss my cookies when I'm just cleaning my mirror.

2) Political posts-- I've just about had it with anything political. Honestly, I'm fed up. I can't stand all of the noise. So I'm not going to add to it by giving you my opinions, which are totally irrelevant. Before I leave the topic, though, all I'll say is this: One of the greatest freedoms we have is the freedom to determine our leaders. Who you vote for is up to you, but you need to go out and vote. And please be respectful online when commenting on posts you may see. Thanks in advance! Can't wait until it's all over. You may now return to your polarized views. 

3) Back to School--The bell rings tonight for me as I head back to school at the Midwest School of Astrology for the beginning of year 2. On tap: More predictive astrology techniques! I'm pleased about that...I learned a ton last year, but I want to be able to see more into the future. Knowing the natal chart is vital, and it's probably the most basic thing we do as astrologers, but knowing how to help people who come to us at different points of their lives is where the rubber meets the road. It's an area where we can do a lot of good. I'm also road tripping to Cincinnati to see Jacqueline Janes in early November. 

4) SOTA--I'm speaking once more at the State of the Art (SOTA) conference in Buffalo, NY, from November 10-12. My topic is going to be practical tips for reading tarot for others, and I'm looking forward to it. 

5) Let's see who really reads this blog--HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I hate those Facebook posts. You can virtually guarantee that I will scroll past any post that starts that way. 

6) Gaming--So I'm looking forward to the release of Civilization VI, on October 21, for PC. We are a Mac family, and I'm glad that a Mac version is coming out "shortly" after that date. I can almost guarantee that my life will be consumed for a while once that occurs. Currently, I'm learning a Steam game called Factorio, which has all the complexity that I like combined with the challenge of learning to use the tools effectively. If you like complicated resource-driven games, this would be one for you. 

Thanks as always for tuning in. I look forward to seeing you again soon. 

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