Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mercury Hits Pay Dirt: John's New Book Cover Revealed!

[Mercury runs up to Jupiter's front door]

Mercury:  Jupiter! Are you home?

Jupiter: Mercury! What are you doing here?

Mercury: Remember you asked me to find out about John's book?

Jupiter: What? That makes no sense! Merc, you told me there wasn't any said he had a bunch of them half done. And shouldn't you be out of breath?

Mercury: When I'm going forward I'm pretty damn fast anyway, Jove. Can I come in?

Jupiter: Sure. [holds door for Mercury]

Mercury: Thanks! [Door closes] You told me to go look at John's Erin Condren planner, and I snuck a peek the one day while he was at work. I didn't find anything there, so that was a bust.

Jupiter: [confused look] So? I question the necessity of you running all the way here just to tell me THAT, Merc. I just picked up South Park and Philosophy. So far it's pretty good...and now you're keeping me from it. So if there's nothing else...?

Mercury: Jupiter, do you really think I would come all the way down here just to tell you that? I'd have texted you.

Jupiter: Good point, fact face. So speaking of points, you do have one, right?

Mercury: My point was to tell you that if you could stop the witty repartee for a few minutes and LISTEN to me, there IS a book and I have the proof. 

Jupiter: [mouth drops open] Excuse me?

Mercury: I wasn't going to put this in an email or text message. Ready to believe me now?

Jupiter: [stares at pictures] HOLY. SHIT. In Their Own Words: The Major Arcana of the Tarot. THAT SCORPIO SONOFABITCH! He never said a WORD to me!

Mercury: Me either! But now we know. John needs to stop leaving his screen unlocked. And no, I don't have any other information right now. No release date, but it's likely soon. No excerpt. Nothing. But I thought you should know.

Jupiter: Merc, I owe you BIG TIME for this one. Everyone's going to hear about this fucking book!

Mercury: You can take it from here, Mr. Expansive. Have a wonderful day!