Monday, January 12, 2015

A Mercury Blessing for Those in Need

Dear Mercury,

I know I haven't always been a fan of yours, especially during your retrograde periods. I can remember one specific instance a few years ago when I lost all feeling in my legs during your retrograde and spent a few days in a hospital. That time you were a real sonofabitch! 

Oh wait...since I'm asking you for help I should probably try to be nice. You know what? Maybe I'll start again.

Dear Mercury,

I ask your blessing for four very special women that I'm very close to. They're going through a rather troubling time and will need your support, especially tomorrow. 

A Mercury Blessing

Lord Mercury, ruler of the spoken word and conscious mind,
Please give a voice to those in need. 
Let their thoughts flow freely and clearly, without hesitation. 
May the messages they convey be received, heard, and understood. 

Lord Mercury, I ask your blessing for four special women. 
Let your voice flow through them and invigorate them. 
Tonight, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. 
May all who listen to them be moved to act. 


Dear reader, 

Please send positive thoughts, Reiki, prayers, and other positive intentions tomorrow morning to these ladies in need. Thanks in advance! 



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