Friday, January 16, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Alert: What's Good About Mercury Retrograde?

Once more into the breach, folks. Mercury's storm begins on the Sunday the 18th. The retrograde station is actually on the 21st, a day after the sun moves into Aquarius at 4:43am EST in my next of the woods. We're in the retrograde for about a month and then we're out of the storm on February 18, just in time for the sun to move into Pisces.

My beloved wife gave me a fantastic idea. I often talk about Mercury retrograde's potential negative effects, and if you want to see those and how to deal with them, I've done plenty of past blogs on that. But she asked me a critical question: "What is GOOD to do during Merc retro?" Yes, I know she's brilliant. Yes, I know you can't help being jealous of me because she's mine. You'll just have to deal with it. :)

With her question in mind, here are a few ideas to make Mercury retrograde work for you.

1) Anything that begins with "re-"

OK, so many of us aren't good at finishing things. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to take stock of where you are and re-task yourself as necessary. Has your weight hit a plateau? Time to re-examine your diet and workout plan. Has your novel languished because you've hit a plot snag? Read over the whole thing again and see what needs to be changed. If you're in school, what concepts are you still struggling with? Mercury retrograde is the time to go over everything once again to reduce gaps in your understanding. Do you have a big decision coming up in the next few months? Get online and do the research you need. Tax time is not far off, and Merc retro is a great time to start getting organized for it as well.

Remember that Mercury also rules the conscious mind and facts. Students, this is a great time for you to ensure you are ready for the renewed winter/spring push. If cumulative finals scare you, then now's the time to start looking at the material that you might have forgotten or not retained.

ToWC 301 students, that also means you...your 401 final coming up in a few months is cumulative from 101. Just sayin'. :)

2) Journaling

It's a time for writing down your thoughts. While it's often said that you shouldn't act on new ideas received during the retrograde period--and I heartily agree--that doesn't mean you can't write down the ideas for consideration once the retrograde is over. It's not a time to IGNORE new ideas; you just shouldn't act on them now. You may discover that an idea that comes to you during the retrograde period may work well for a different task you're not even aware of yet.

If you're intuitive, you should be writing down what you see/hear/sense.

3) An Internet or communications fast

I often see posts on Facebook and other social media that people are taking breaks from the Internet and social media sites. There's no better time than during Mercury retrograde to do that, if you're feeling like it's that time for you.

If you're considering ending one or more social media accounts, taking the time during Merc retro away from it to see if it's really what you want is a good thing.

You can apply this same concept to people. If you're finding someone in your life annoying and you're considering ending a friendship or relationship, step back, stop talking, and start listening. Once the 18th of February rolls around, then you can decide if the relationship is worth saving or not.

4) Cleaning, cleansing and purifying

Cluttered space is something that's really important to avoid. Re-place objects in your home back where they belong. If your holiday decorations are still around, put them away.

Cleanse any altar/ritual space, any tool, and any magickal implement. I try to smudge all my decks of cards off once a year, for example. The same holds true for your personal space; if you haven't used sage or chimes to get rid of negativity recently, before Mercury retrograde is over. This is so you can push forward more clearly once Mercury resumes his normal direct motion.

5) Buy and burn a Mercury retrograde candle at 13 Magickal Moons

I've never seen candles as amazing as the ones at 13 Magickal Moons. The Merc retro candles will help you deal with Merc retro in your life, and they sell out fast so go get yours now! If you can't get there in person, go to :)

So there's a lot of good that can come out of this period if you choose to look at it more positively. Take your time, be patient and understanding, and really take stock of where you are. Then you can put the pedal to the metal on the 18th.

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