Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde!

Welcome, friends, to the first full day of Aquarius sun, which started yesterday at 6:30am!

Mercury retrograde also begins tomorrow. If you're unfamiliar with what to watch out for during Mercury retrograde, here's the drill: 

Unless you have no choice...

1) Do not sign any important paperwork. 
2) Do not get married or divorced. 
3) Do not make any large purchases (home, etc.). 
4) Do not have any major conversations about anything with any important person (spouse, boss, etc.).
5) Do not purchase a new computer, upgrade a new computer, or do any significant computer work during Merc retro. (New apps on your phone are about as far as I would go, but you should be careful with those too!)

If you must do any of these things, take precautions...make backups, check frequently to ensure understanding, go over all paperwork with a fine-toothed comb, and cross your fingers!

Merc retro has already fucked me over once. I called for a takeout order from a national chain and I called the wrong location. When I got there the lady was very apologetic and asked if she could put my order in...D'OH! At least she was very nice! :)

I'll take your Merc retro stories if you're willing to share them. Good luck! :)

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