Monday, January 25, 2016

Mercury Goes Direct: And There Was MUCH Rejoicing!

Ladies and gentlemen, Mercury is going direct very soon here in Northern VA. And there was MUCH rejoicing! YAAAAAY!

OK, so we shouldn't hold the party right yet...give it until next Monday when Mercury gets back up to full speed. That should also be about the time when those of us who were just walloped by that bastard Jonas are able to dig out of our driveways. But negative effects are still possible through Sunday night. 

Speaking of getting out, I'm heading for Cincinnati on Friday for a weekend session with my classmates at the Midwest School of Astrology. With the possibility of more inclement weather coming, however, it may force me to accelerate my departure from early Friday morning to Thursday afternoon. But I'm a go...I wouldn't miss it! 

I do have some slightly good news to report: Looks like one of the watchwords for this Merc retro for me was "re-purpose". I'm getting a re-furbished iPod classic with 256GB of space and a solid state drive (no moving parts to fail), and my iPod is being cannibalized for parts and getting me a 10% discount. I even get to pick the color myself. Then Jen can have her iPod back and all will be right with the world. Suck it, Mercury! 

For those of you stuck in the snow, take it slow moving the snow and don't hurt yourselves; take Saturn's way rather than Jupiter's this time. Hey he might have a use after all! (I'm sure I'll get a nastygram about that one, but there it is.)

Enjoy the end of this retrograde period. You've earned it! 

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