Saturday, January 30, 2016

On to Cincinnati, Day 1

Sun: Come in, Saturn. Have a seat.

Saturn: I thought this was a private meeting, sir. [sits down]

Sun: As you can see, Saturn, it isn't. Since this is a long-distance trip that isn't routine for John, I asked Jupiter to be here. Mercury is the briefer, assuming he's prepared after his retrograde. Merc, are you up to this?

Mercury: Yes, sir. Ready to go. 

Sun: You may fire when ready. 

Mercury: Our favorite blogger made it to Cincinnati in one piece, although it wasn't a smooth ride. He left VA on time but hit some nasty weather in western Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania; it seems he hit snow squalls regularly and it really bogged him down. I'm estimating a total delay time of 60-90 minutes to his final destination, actually.

Jupiter: Sounds like a great adventure!

Mercury: I'm not sure John saw it that way, at least at first. He got some bad intel on his GPS and was led onto backcountry roads during a snowstorm, which is totally my fault. It caused at least some of the delay today, and to be fair, I'm still in my own storm for two more days.

Sun: That's are. What did he do?

Mercury: John successfully navigated these back roads for two miles before the traffic came to a complete stop over a hill where there were flashing police lights. A kind person traveling the other way told John that a tractor trailer had jackknifed over the hill and had been sitting there for 45 minutes already. John analyzed the given information and decided he couldn't be late for his Columbus appointment, so he turned around and re-routed to a major interstate where the conditions were MUCH better. That's a win for him with my help.

Sun: Your bias is showing, Merc. 

Saturn: It was his determination to meet his obligations that drove him to make that decision, Mercury. The information was a nice bonus but he'd have come to that conclusion anyway.

Mercury: I'm sorry, Saturn, but I can't agree with you there. 

Jupiter: I was prepared to call it "wisdom".

Sun: We can sort out the finer points of whose influence was most involved later, gentlemen. Jupiter, you already take most of the credit for this trip with the classroom learning and since you're sharing that with Mercury, I think we can allow Saturn's influence on the wrong turn at least in part.

Saturn: Thank you, sir. I put that entire obstacle in his way and he took the long view. So that's mostly me. But I appreciate the help, Merc. 

Sun: [SIGH] Anything to add, Mercury, before I end this meeting?

Mercury: Just that John learned a ton about his own chart and his classmates. There was lots of fun discussion and lots of learning. I know he's looking forward to tomorrow. 

Sun: The man needs a good night's rest before tomorrow, as do I. Thanks to all of you for your comments and feedback. Saturn, in this case you can take credit for the obstacle and John's determination, but that's about it. We're done here. 

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