Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Fuckery: No Matter How You Try...Redux

And the fuckery continues, ladies and gentlemen. The latest victim: my iPod classic.

As you probably recall from my last entry, my iPod experienced some Mercury fuckery as it took an extra few days to get to PA to get repaired. All it needed was a new board so it could sync and get charged again. 

Then I got the email that I didn't expect: "The repair for this device will exceed the cost of a new device." Wait, what?

So it appeared that all was lost, that I was going to be without an iPod until I bought a new one. They don't even make the classic anymore. And while I love Apple devices, money aside, I don't want an iPod touch...all the stuff on it is already on my iPhone or iPod. So I was at a loss. 

My beloved came to the rescue, graciously giving up her iPod classic to replace my own. So all is not lost and this story does have a happy ending. 

Still, thanks, Mercury! Dick. 

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