Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ROW80: Update from Neptune

Dear Saturn,

I hope this letter finds you well. John's continuing to make progress on his book; he's written 11 of the 78 tarot cards as of tonight. Overall I'd say he's doing well, and you would be impressed with his focus, which is, as much as I hate to admit, one of the things he gets from you. He's also been very disciplined about writing regularly. He knew that you would like to hear that even though you're on vacation from him, he still keeps some of your good qualities in mind. He wouldn't tell me what those good qualities are, though.

You should try coloring outside the lines yourself sometimes. This has done John a lot of good and maybe you would find it liberating as well. Oh, wait a sec...I forgot which planet I was talking to. Never mind.

Anyway, Jupiter and I are spending tonight in a casino, and I believe I'll come back a winner. I'll check my cash situation afterward and see if I can pay you the $100 I owe you; I know how you are about when people owe you money, you piker.


Neptune, The Great Deceiver


  1. Love the advice to colour outside the lines!

  2. Thanks Deniz! Sometimes that's what it takes to create! :)