Monday, May 11, 2015

Fortunetelling with Pizza?

In a recent article on, the author suggested a new form of divination that I'd never heard of before: Letting pizza be your oracle for you. 

So basically you order a pizza online and in the directions you type, "Arrange the pepperoni in the shape of a 'Y', 'N', or 'M'." When it arrives, tip your delivery driver generously and open your box to see your answer. 

I must admit this way is pretty inventive. I can see a few challenges with it, though. 

  1. You can only ask yes/no questions of the pizza oracle.
  2. When ask for a tarot reading, likely you're going to get it. This method depends on the kindness of whoever is on the other end making your pizza. 
  3. It would probably take you longer to get the answer than by doing a reading for yourself with another divination method. 
The one area where I would have to disagree with them is that they say it's "cheaper than a tarot reading". Well, maybe...but not by much. 

I do appreciate and value all my clients. However, for the record, I will not be offering slices with tarot readings to compete with this method. I'll take my chances without trying to bribe you with food. If I have any melted Andes Mints, however, I'll be happy to share those with you. :)

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