Friday, May 8, 2015

Letters From Saturn: A Pep Talk on Writing...of Sorts

Dear John,

It's come to my attention you've been writing again. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, but I am a little disappointed. At least this time it's not a work of fiction, which I find a complete waste of time, but a nonfiction tarot book. 

Before you get upset with me for taking a pot shot at your beloved bride's work, I can't really blame her for writing it; Mercury-ruled people seem to lack control in a great many areas, always talking and expressing themselves, so she just can't help it. But I digress.

Perhaps you can, as they say, "yoke their strength". In addition to your wife, I happen to know that among your family members there are at least six people whose Sun or Moon is Mercury-ruled. So if you're having trouble, then perhaps you can ask one or more of them for assistance. You won't need them for the editing part; I can certainly help with cutting out what is unnecessary, which likely will end up being most of the words. But I know you must go through the painful experience of writing many more words than necessary to find those few with the dignity to remain in the final oeuvre, if you will

Honestly, though, if you're going to persist in succumbing to the influences of lesser planets--namely, Jupiter and Neptune--you should at least be disciplined about not only your writing, but your response to those who ask you about it. Many people wonder where your book is. Your answer is typically "I'll let you know when it's done" or "I haven't done any work on it." As you have promised to write this book, you now have a sacred duty to finish it and satisfy the curiosity of those around you. 

Nonfiction is, in my humble opinion, instructional at heart. Your book shouldn't require anything particularly difficult. Just tell people how you read the cards step by step, and that should be that. 

I don't see why this is so challenging for you, except that you seem to be doing other things--like building virtual cities, for example, or teaching--when you should be sitting down to work on it. 

Just so there's no misunderstanding, I'll break it down for you:

1) Close the door to your office

2) Sit down at computer.

3) Disable Internet access.

4) Do not turn on music.

5) Stare at blank screen until you can tell people how to read tarot in your own words.

6) Remove unnecessary words.

7) Publish book.

Everyone needs someone to help them achieve greatness, John. While on the surface I may not be the most inspiring astrological planet, appearances can be deceiving. 

I'll bet you can't wait to stop reading this and get back to work. Hopefully, soon you will be able to tell those who ask that your book is done instead of using some lame excuse. 

So off you go, then, and all the best on your book! Even with a little time off this weekend, which, to be fair, you don't really need, you could probably have it done by Sunday night if you set your mind to it. I hope you'll consider this a challenge worthy of your efforts; your best success is through true self-discipline. 

Very truly yours,

"The Greater Malefic"

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