Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jupiter

Jupiter is an important planet in our astrological lives, and along with Saturn forms the "bridge" between the personal planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 

Jupiter is the happy-go-lucky, good times planet that rules our spirituality, our ability to expand, and our ability to work with the good fortune we are given in life. A well-placed Jupiter can influence a person's material wealth in a very positive way, while a poorly-placed one may lead a person toward being wasteful or self-indulgent. Jupiter also rules optimism and extravagance. 

Jupiter says "Press on! Explore! See what's out there over the next hill!" Not surprisingly, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, but what many may not know is that Jupiter also impacts Pisces in the sense that Jupiter rules philanthropy and all things religious. 

It take Jupiter about 12 years to make its entire sweep through the entire zodiac, so every 12 years or so, Jupiter will return to the place it was when you were born. This is a good thing; oftentimes a Jupiter return is marked by a re-awakening or life expansion. At 24, for example, many people have completed their first round of college and may be going back for a second, or deciding to get married. 

While Jupiter is considered a "benefic"--an archaic term meaning a positive planet--its energy can also cause problems. If you feel that sense of freedom that Jupiter brings so much that you decide to cross boundaries, then bad things may occur. Too much of a good thing is indeed a negative thing. 

Jupiter is retrograde about 1/3 of the time, and will be in retrograde beginning on October 4 of this year through January 30, 2013, in Gemini. This will be a time to question and re-evaluate your plans for expansion, spirituality, and educational and learning priorities. 

Jupiter rules quite a number of occupations, including:

  • Law  
  • Lawyers 
  • Lawmakers 
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • Higher Education
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • Restaurant worker
  • Philanthropist
  • Entertainment worker (those NOT in the arts who bring fun to others)
  • Clothier
  •  Banking, especially international banking
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