Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pluto and Prophylactics

OK, let me start off by getting one of the most common astrological questions out in the open about Pluto before we start: "Pluto is now a dwarf planet; does that change its astrological influence?"The answer is no. Pluto's astronomical significance might have changed, but astrologically there's no change at all.

With that out of the way, we can proceed. Pluto is one of the outer planets, the furthermost one from the Earth in our solar system. Pluto moves pretty slowly, and changes signs about once every 21 years. Unless you live to be 248, Pluto will not move back to the place you were born during your lifetime. It's considered a "generational" planet, and many world events occur during its trip through the signs to highlight its significance. It spends much of its time retrograde.

Pluto was discovered in 1930. Interestingly enough, 10-year-old Venetia Burney came up with the name; the Lowell Observatory, who discovered the planet, created a contest to name it and Venetia won. Later on, Disney named its newest character after the planet as well.

Astrologically speaking, Pluto rules my sun sign, Scorpio. Before Pluto was discovered, however, Scorpio, like Aries, was Mars-ruled. So it's important for Scorps to know where Mars is as well. These two planets are a powerful combination, which is why Scorpios are known for their unrelenting determination, ability and desire to do battle, and "nuclear" anger.

Pluto is considered by some to be a "higher octave of Mars" and while its power may not manifest itself directly day-to-day, over time it highlights change. It rules procreation, conception, annihilation, elimination, and redemption. If you need the energy to make changes, Pluto is the planet you're looking for. You might not see the results for a while, but you'll know when they show up.

Some of the areas and occupations ruled by Pluto include:

  • Anyone who works underground
  • Terrorists and gang members
  • Spies
  • Police and intelligence professionals
  • Researchers
  • Healers
You share your Pluto sign with millions of others in your generation, so you have to look at your own chart to find its significance for you. 

Of course, Father Irish had to take one last shot at birth control by saying "P is for prophylactics!" By this time we got the idea that he thought something was wrong with birth control. I desperately wanted to shout, "Thankfully you're too old to reproduce!" Luckily my manners got the better of me and I didn't.  :)

Thanks for stopping by! Tune in tomorrow for my "Q" post. 


  1. Good 'ol Father Irish. He must be tossing around in his grave from what the world has come to :) Did he recite the A-Z sin alphabet often, or was it just that one day?

  2. Hi Maggie...nope, this was all one tirade, all one day. I broke it up to include it with these posts. But thankfully he only did it once! He did, however, get arrested regularly for abortion protests, and because I had his class in the morning I managed to avoid him a little more. :)