Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-Rated Tarot Decks

Tarot decks are an amazing art form and come in all different themes. Finding one that works for you may be hard simply because of the vast number of decks out there. I've got over 130 decks myself. But you may not know that there are some decks that definitely are for adults only. 

Nudity in tarot is a topic that tarot readers discuss, and every reader is different. Some love it, others hate it, and most are in between. But I want to make the distinction here between nudity in the cards and erotic tarot decks. Many cards have some nudity, but the X-rated decks are the ones that not only show nudity but various forms of sexual acts on them.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to pay attention to what the divinatory meaning of a particular spread is if the cards are distracting. Some of them are, so for the most part I would use these as "special occasion decks". I get requests for them occasionally, and make sure that no minors are present while I use them, but they're not part of my typical deck repertoire.

Here are few you can check out:

The Decameron Tarot: By far the most erotic tarot deck I own, there are representations of the male and female sex organs on every card just by the suit markers. But many of the pictures are men and women involved in various sex acts, and full frontal nudity is on pretty much every card. I once brought this deck to the store where I read one evening, and two hours later I was asking people where it had been borrowed and handed around. I'm guessing people didn't want to give it back. :)

Manara Erotic Tarot: This deck has many cards with nudity, but not as many with actual sex occurring on the cards. This one is a little more tame than the Decameron, but here, there are many more cards with people in sexy clothes and some that are totally free of both sex and nudity. 

Tarot of Sexual Magic: Lies somewhere between Decameron and Manara for me. Lots of sex happening on cards, lots of nudity, but it's not as explicit as the Decameron and hotter than Manara. Sometimes the sex is occurring in the background on this deck so it's not as much "in your face". 

If you read the tarot, what's your opinion on erotic tarot decks or nudity in the tarot? 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Tune in tomorrow for my "Y" post. 


  1. Although I do not own any of the mentioned decks you list above, I want to purchase one or two. Not for regular readings, but these types of novel decks make great additions to the collections of readers! Do you own all 3?

  2. Hi Violet! Yes I indeed own all three. I recommend them all! :)