Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Gemini

Hello and welcome to my "G" post. I'm writing about the power of Gemini today!

There's an old astrology joke that goes something like this:

"What did one Gemini say to the other Gemini?"
"Wait...what did you say?"

Sometimes it can seem like there's more than one person in the Gemini's body, or maybe even more than two. At least they don't stay angry for long. 

All kidding aside, Gemini is an amazing sign. Powered by lightning-fast Mercury intellect, the Gemini is the ultimate "jack of all trades" with a fantastic ability to synthesize information quickly and accurately. They're also great to be around at parties because they have the gift of gab, and can easily start conversations with unknown people because they know a little something about everything. 

Mercury also bestows the gift of excellent writing and speaking to Gemini folks, and it's in this area that I'd like to introduce a woman who I'm truly thrilled is a part of my life, Amy Lyre Turner

Amy is a talented poet whose book, "Pieces of the Soul", is one of the most powerful poetry books I have ever read, and this is coming from a man who studied quite a bit of poetry in college. She ranks right up there with Charles Baudelaire and Alphonse de Lamartine as one of my out and out favorite poets of all time. If you haven't read Pieces of the Soul, you need to get yourself a copy. And you should read her blog, too. Shameless marketing completed. :)

Writing usually comes easy for Gemini. So Gemini folks makes excellent authors as well as poets, and have a flair for improving the writing of others. I actually know not one but two Gemini editors--Amy, and a former boss, Katje, who could be on the phone, talking to someone in person in her office and reading a document at the SAME TIME. 

Any profession where using words is paramount is where Gemini can be found. The legal professions about with Geminis, who are comfortable in both prosecuting and defense roles. They can do either equally well, and can use the other "twin" to imagine how their opponent will try any given case. Did I mention that Amy is also a mental health counselor? So we've got the brain and words. How could you ask for more Gemini than that? AWESOME. 

With all this amazing stuff comes some drawbacks. Don't expect deep emotions from most Gemini people; words are much easier for them. As such, Gemini people can be very nasty when they choose to be, and get the "bitch/bastard of the Zodiac" award for that very reason. They're also excellent sources; they know everything that's going on in any given situation, and usually they're pretty quick to dish the dirt. Just remember, though, that anything about yourself that you share may be shared as well. To Gemini, any information is interesting. 

Also, they can drive people NUTS when they show up late, early, at the wrong time, on the wrong day, at the wrong address, etc. Reliability is not a Gemini strong suit, so do yourself a favor and give them an extra 30 minutes to get anyplace and confirm all plans with them prior to heading out the door. 

Keep your Gemini interested and you will have a friend for life. :)

Thanks for tuning in! Come back tomorrow for my "H" post. 


  1. I was waiting for Amy to comment first- but then I read the part about being on time....
    LOL! Great post John!
    - Heather the Evil Twin

  2. Glad you liked it, Heather! Amy will be along at some point. LOL. :)

  3. Hey! In my defense, Heather, I am working an overnight shift tonight. He had not posted today's topic by the time I went to sleep this morning, around 4am. :-P

    Aw, thanks for such a great post and an awesome plug about Pieces of the Soul, big brother! You made me sound so damn cool... lol! 2oC!!!

    1. You see? I told you it would be awesome! ;)

  4. See Amy? You were worried he was going to Gemini-bash, but you got astrology hugs instead! ;)

    1. The Scorp has gotta keep 'em guessing! ;)

  5. My mother is a Gemini. All these years I thought she was schizophrenic! Thanks for clearing up my childhood!!

    1. You're not wrong, hon. In many ways Geminis seem schizophrenic! :)