Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vesta

Hello everyone, and welcome to my "V" post on the goddess and asteroid Vesta!

Vesta is the Roman goddess of home and hearth. A goddess of domesticity, she deals with anything in the home and is a protector of the family, the spouse, and children. The women who tended the fires all day and night in her temples, known as "Vestal virgins", were required to remain unmarried until a certain age. Talk about dedication!

You may also have heard of Vesta's Greek counterpart, Hestia.

According to The Complete Idiot's Guide Astrology Dictionary, Vesta was discovered in 1807 by Heinrich Olbers. She resonates with both Virgo (day-to-day matters and health) and Scorpio (sexuality, procreation and joint affairs). Vesta's symbol is above.

Her house position in your chart can give you an idea of where you have Vesta's protection, and where you feel the most protective. In my case, Vesta is in the 1st house, which can indicate a lot of desire for self-protection. 

Vesta's sign can indicate how well you tune into your own body, your overall sexual attitudes, and the level of your devotion to spiritual principles. In my chart, it's in Aquarius, which could indicate an awkwardness when I tune into my physical body, for example.

Thanks as always for tuning in! Come back tomorrow for my "W" post.


  1. So how do you go about finding her position in your chart? I would like to find her in mine. Jennifer a.k.a Urban Gypsy Girl

  2. Jennifer, many free astrology online sites will do your chart for you, so you may be able to find it that way. If not, you can always email me at and I'll be happy to tell you where your Vesta is for no charge. :)

  3. Nice post !!! you introduce a new goddess incarnation here.I would like to know more Vesta goddess.