Sunday, April 14, 2013

O is for Osiris

Hello everyone...welcome to my "O" post about Osiris!

Osiris is an Egyptian father god who is the husband of Isis. He is known mainly for his rulership over the underworld. What is interesting, however, is that Osiris not only acts as a fair judge of the Egyptian afterlife, but also of new life and anything associated with natural cycles, such as agriculture. As such, Osiris is often depicted with green skin.

Killed by a jealous god, Set, his body was magickally reanimated by Isis, which allowed him to father Horus with her.

Osiris is known for his just rule, and as such was not a deity that Egyptians feared. He is a great example of a kind father god. He's a god that I look forward to working with more as I grow in my role as a spiritual leader.

Thanks for tuning in to my "O" post! Come back tomorrow for my "P" post. :)