Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ten Random Meanderings for My Day Off

WHEW! The first week of the A to Z Challenge is now in the books, and I'm just dying to write something unstructured. So Saturn gets shoved in a closet and Neptune and Jupiter come out to play for my blog today in my random meanderings.

1) Watching people on a cell phone at the gym makes me cringe. My workout is my time, and if my phone is present I'm listening to music on it or watching a movie. No way in hell I want you to hear me huff and puff. 

2) Relaxing is not my strong suit. The idea of watching television or sitting around staring at the walls for hours on end makes me cringe. I'm improving at this task, but the idea of saying "I'm working at relaxing" seems to defeat the point of well, relaxing. But let it not be said that I won't take on this monumental task with the seriousness and dedication to duty that I apply to everything else. 

3) I'm going away on an unexpected vacation soon, to the oldest city in the United States...St. Augustine, FL. My beloved has said I need a vacation desperately (re-read post #2 above). Don't worry, dear readers...your A to Z posts will not be interrupted. 

4) Speaking of St. Augustine, check out his bio sometime! He was a Scorpio and astrology was one of the many things he studied. IMAGINE THAT. :)

5) I haven't been on FaceBook as much lately. In some ways, that's a good thing, but in some ways it's not. Thanks to those of you who post things to my wall, and thanks for your patience as I reply. 

6) Remember when you take a class how much time the teacher has to prepare. There's a pile of astrology books calling my name as I research the newest class for the Tradition of the Witches Circle, Intermediate Astrology. I'm so looking forward to the class, but since it's the first time we're running it, I'm prepping all my notes and have some fantastic help from graphic designer sister Samantha Harvey

7) Before I forget, if you know of any good bars in St. Augustine, please let me know. I'm not planning to be completely sober as often as possible. If there are as many bars in St. Augustine as old people, we should be in good shape; I don't want to deprive my father-in-law any opportunity to buy me alcohol. Just sayin'. (Yes, the Saturn in me would have put this up with the earlier St. Augustine information, but that's why these are RANDOM. Hello Neptune...or Uranus!)

8) I've started thinking about getting another kitten. We're still in the early stages...I haven't done any serious research or anything. Josephine was my familiar and I want to give the traditional year and a day waiting period before bringing another cat into my life. MoMo and Luna have done their furry best to fill the hole, but I miss my Jo. A part of me always will.

9) I never realized how fanatical people are about Dunkin' Donuts. I had a few people I know bemoan the fact that there wasn't one closer. I love it that I've visited the first one, and being a Masshole I feel like it's part of my heritage. Maybe I need to grab one of their chocolate chip cookies today. So good. 

10) Inspirational speaker and fellow Scorpio Zig Ziglar once said "Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking tartar sauce with you." While this quote isn't in the book I'm about to mention, you can find many more Scorpio quotes that are typical of the sign from famous Scorpios in "The Quotable Scorpio" by Mary Valby. And YES, if you're one of the other 11 less fortunate astrological signs, Mary does one book on pretty much each one of the rest. Just to show you how much I respect all of you, I got Scorpio as a gift first, but plan to buy all the rest. So no hate mail, please. If you're feeling the need to write and spew venom, how about sending an email to your members of Congress? Just a thought. 

Enjoy your Sunday! Tune in tomorrow for my "G" post. I've said that already, of course, but considering that many Geminis are going to read it, it bears repeating. ;)


  1. OMG there's an Intermediate Astrology class???? Is there any room left to sign up?

  2. Of course, Heather! Thought I mentioned it when we spoke last but I guess I didn't. But sure we have room for you. :)

    1. WIN!!! Please let me know the dates and I'm there! (I'll leave my obnoxious hat at home and put on my learning one :)

  3. Yes, you do need a vacation! And your Saturn side needs to stay at home!

    1. Please let TSA know they need to scan for hidden Saturns trying to sneak through security...

    2. I am certain he is too big to fit in my luggage. :)