Sunday, April 14, 2013

N is for Nepthys

Hello everyone and welcome to my post on the goddess Nepthys!

An important member of the Egyptian pantheon, Nepthys is a goddess who rules decay, death, magick, and the invisible. She is often overshadowed by her twin sister, Isis, who is well-known and beloved by many who follow a Wiccan path. She is known by many names, but most of the information I have seen refer to her as "The Excellent Goddess" or "The Useful Goddess". Both she and Isis are on many sarcophagi together.

Nepthys is the "shadow" side of Isis, and as such was often invoked for funerals and death rites. She provides comfort to those who mourn, and helps speed souls who have passed over to their final rest. When Osiris was dismembered, she helped find the pieces.

For me, I'd consider Nepthys a dark goddess. Death is a natural part of life, but Nepthys can help us to see the positive in the shadows. Just as we will all die physically one day, we will be reborn in millions of ways an infinite number of times.

Nepthys is not a goddess that I would work with every day, speaking personally, but I think she could be very helpful for anyone mourning someone lost, whether that is through a physical passing or the ending of a relationship. It is in those times that we learn the most about ourselves, and Nepthys can help us understand and accept these changes.

This post is dedicated to a very special woman who introduced me to Nepthys. :)

Thanks for tuning in! Come back tomorrow for my "O" post.

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