Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mercury Retrogade: Groundhog Day?

OK, so I've noticed that sometimes the "re-" in retrograde comes true for me in the sense of "re-peated" stuff like the movie "Groundhog Day". 

In this case, I was in the gym and they have a cardio theatre where they play a movie while you work out. The movie they were showing today, "Find Me Guilty" with Vin Diesel, is one I haven't yet seen, except for a piece of it one time in THIS VERY ROOM three weeks ago. 

OK, so the fact that they're showing the same movie as a few weeks ago is pretty bizarre in and of itself. But I saw the SAME portion of the movie I did before...about 10% of it was new to me but the rest of it was the same! Talk about weird. I need to go track down the whole movie...it looks funny to me!

Lots of misinformation at work, too. "Is the person retiring/leaving/transferring or not?" is the question of the hour involving at least four colleagues, and the answer changes for most of them at least once every few days. 

Anyway, just checking in to see how your Mercury retrograde is going. I had one other interesting tidbit to report: I had a client make a tarot appointment and cancel it in under 18 hours. 

Otherwise my Mercury retrograde is not bad. How has yours been? Comment and tell me!


  1. I got sick but not badly and getting my new tv and dvd player to work together was interesting cause it had sound and no picture then when I FINALLY got picture the next day it was black and white lmao I had to get a friend to come look at it and they did the same gorram thing I did when I got no pic and it worked perfectly

    1. Wow, Timothy! Bizarre stuff! Thanks for writing in! :)