Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mercury Retrograde: February Fuckery!


We're already in the "storm" of the next Mercury retrograde, which begins officially on Thursday, Feburary 6, and goes through February 27.

You know the drill, folks. But if you don't, here are some reminders. 

Some of the standard Mercury retrograde fuckery may include:
  • Missed emails, text messages, or voicemails
  • Miscommunication of all kinds between people
  • Problems with paperwork--lost, misplaced, re-routed, etc.
  • Unexpected delays or cancellations of meetings or get-togethers
  • Computer problems of any and all stripes but usually minor ones
  • People being late or not showing up at all
Some of your standard coping strategies include:
  • Back up all computer data regularly
  • Check all travel plans--hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc.--before you leave on any trips
  • Confirm that meetings are taking place 
  • Try NOT to sign anything during this period--lease, job offer, etc.--if you can help it. If you can't wait, read the fine print TWICE on every document you sign and confirm understanding
  • Ensure your messages are being sent and received
  • Don't start new projects; "new" things that are started now usually have to be re-done
  • Finish up old projects and tie up loose ends
  • Edit--this is a GREAT time for editing manuscripts and documents!
  • Be understanding of others' problems communicating or showing up late or not at all; likely it is not their fault
  • Speak carefully
Overall, please be extremely careful about communicating because there is a strong potential for misunderstandings. Simply and clearly is the way to go.

Also, if you are traveling, be extra careful and allow extra time. Don't text and drive and minimize all cell phone communications if you are driving. And expect dropped calls and technical difficulties. I suggest having a backup plan that doesn't include technology, like printed directions, for example. 

If you haven't backed up your data--hard drives, cell phones, tablets, etc.--do it right now. Don't wait another moment. 

With Mercury retrograding through Pisces, you may find yourself less likely to talk than usual and in a more dreamy, passive state. In the last two weeks, Mercury will arrive back at Aquarius, and at that point be very careful of how and where you are expressing your personal opinions. Think of other human beings as you do so to make sure you're not misunderstood. 

Good luck! If you have any fantastic or horrific Merc retro stories, I'm happy to listen... :)