Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Martian Meritorious Message


Been thinking about you! I came out with half my face painted bright yellow and the other half bright green to support les canaris in Paris a week ago. But FC Nantes went down, and went down hard, to Paris Saint-Germain. 

I hope you didn't waste time watching the game; even as a die-hard fan, when your arch rival runs you through like a pig on a sharp pike on the world soccer stage that's GOTTA HURT. At least a large contingent of fans made the trek from La Beaujoire knowing full well this was the likely result, and being at the game was a good time. It's one of the few Mars things I've done since I've been here, except see all of the war monuments...and there are a ton.

And dude, you call yourself a fan and you've never seen them play live? What the fuck...?

Anyway, I'm totally on retrograde but I wanted to send along this note, assuming it gets through since Merc isn't really back up to full speed yet. 

I've been getting some cryptic text messages and I get the feeling something is going on with you. But I'm not getting the full story. Don't get me wrong...I love the Moon as much as the next planet, but she's NOT the person who should be transmitting messages. It's like you're getting half the story. Mercury has already asked for more information but there's been no response.

It sounds like whatever this thing may be is a good thing, so I'm happy for that. If your action caused it to happen, even better. You've gotta go after what you want.

So I'm going to jet. I'll hit you up when I get back.

Just do it,


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