Friday, May 27, 2016

Venus Speaks Out Against Strife and Discord

Dear John,

I was thrilled being the "star" of your astrology class last night! And it seemed like even though it was a "class", people were comfortable and had a good time. In the end, that's what counts, right?

And thank the Goddess it's FRIDAY! I know you're looking forward to a long weekend! :)

Your decision has caused a lot of...discord, shall we say? Yes, discord. Mercury's distracted, waiting around for news. Jupiter just sits around drafting press releases. It's kind of sad.

Anyway, I really would like you to tell me your secret. I don't want to make you uncomfortable but I just feel like holding it in isn't...well, comfortable at all. It's good news, right? It feels GOOD to share good news. And I'd like to share it with you. One of the best parts of life is sharing your good news with people who care--your loved ones. And I'm sure I speak for all of them when I say please please please with pure sugar on top--none of that fake sugar crap!--could you let us in on it?



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