Monday, May 9, 2016

The Luminaries: Shortening an Ego Trip?

Sun: Anything on my schedule today, Luna?

Moon: No, sir. Nothing at all. Are you all caught up on your paperwork?

Sun: Yeah. Everything should be in your inbox.

Moon: I've already processed everything so we're up to date.

Sun: Excellent! And before I forget, you can "lose" the required filing to the ACC Board about John...we had a discussion and worked things out.

Moon: I wasn't sending that bullshit in anyway.

Sun: [PAUSE] Wait...what?

Moon: Calling him to the carpet was a dick move, Sol. You KNOW you were always a part of his curriculum. I get the feeling that was just an ego trip. When he spends time on the "Sun signs", who do you think he's focused on? Spoiler alert: It's not any other planet but you.

Sun: Luna...

Moon: Oh, don't Luna me, Sol. You know I won't call you out in front of others, but you can't tell me honestly that you thought John was neglecting you.

Sun: Well he was! Kind of. I mean, he wasn't being very specific about my influence in his classes. So I figured a little counseling was in order. Would you rather it have been me or Saturn?

Moon: Saturn had no skin in this game, Sol. And the Board wouldn't have cared less. So there goes that pretext. And what do we have left? EGO. Admit it.

Sun: I forget how tough you can be, Luna. [laughs] I guess I was feeling bad that you get a lot more attention in his class than I do.

Moon: Come're the most powerful astrological body and you have to bully a blogger who likes us on a trumped-up charge? That was low.

Sun: But clearly the end justifies the means, Luna, at least in this case. I have reports that the class was fantastic. John's students really GOT me. And John even used some unusual terms to introduce the concept of essential dignity. Apparently, in Leo I'm "sunny", and in Aries I'm "mostly sunny", but in Libra I'm "partly cloudy" and in Aquarius I'm "overcast". He hasn't told his class the real words yet, but that's OK. Everything in due time. But they REALLY got it.

Moon: Don't change the subject, Sol. I'm not prepared to write off your rationalization of jerking the poor guy around. But I'm glad the class went well, and that you finally got your "day in the Sun" if you will. Wow, I can't believe I just said that.

Sun: And guess who is on John's agenda this week, Luna? That would be YOU. 

Moon: That young man works with me a lot, and I know him well. He always does me justice. I'm not going to be "sunny", though...John will have to come up with something different for me. I've heard him use the term "Hoover Dam" for his Moon in Capricorn, so maybe it's a water image of some kind. That would make sense.

Sun: Indeed it would. I'm excited to hear about it.

Moon: Let's not lose sight of the fact that you really do owe John an apology, Sol. He's working his ass off, teaching astrology and dedicating his life to get to know us and help others to do so, and he deserved better.

Sun: OK, Luna. I get it, I get it. Let's compose a letter...

Moon: No, Sol. You get to write this one. I'll look it over when you're done to make sure the appropriate amount of contrition is coming through.

Sun: OK. Where will you be?

Moon: [Gets up from desk] I'm going out to lunch with 
Venus. [smiles] See you when I get back. 

Sun: Can you bring me back some...

Moon: Sunflower seeds? They're in your second drawer. Now go write! [walks out the office door]

Sun: I love that woman.

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